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  • Anonymous

Light, 19 Apr 2021Guys... Please calm down... And Please do not misslead othe... moreDe build version colerate with the emui version ( magic ui 4.0 is the exact same system as emui 11)

  • Light

Guys... Please calm down... And Please do not misslead others.
Magic UI4 for this phone is based on Android version 10. Build Number is Magic UI Build number and Android version do not correlate in any way. At Least in this case.

Warrington, 14 Apr 2021I purchased and used my Honor View 20 since January 2019. I... moreMe too has exactly the same opinion. Thank you Honor View 20 Team as a whole.....

Has anybody received Magic UI 4.0 based on Android 11.0 for Honor View 20 in India? When it is same for Honor 20 & Honor 20 has received Magic UI 4.0 in India couple of days back then why it is not released for Honor View 20 in India yet? Does anyone have any genuine official information on this? Honor Customer care in India is repeatedly telling to wait till May2021. This is disgusting as Magic 4.0 UI based on Android 11.0 should have been provided latest by January 2021 for Honor View 20 as Android 11.0 was released on 08th September 2020 by Google.

  • Warrington

I purchased and used my Honor View 20 since January 2019. It's a PCT-L29 with 256gb storage and 8gb RAM.
I recently installed the latest updates including Magic 4.00 and Android without any issues.
This has been the best smartphone I've ever used. It's been very reliable, survived a few accidents and still running better than most competitors.
In terms of hardware, it's made to last at a very competitive price.
In my opinion this smartphone is much better than most others in market which are being sold for double the price.
Finally, I want to thank the manufacturers and engineers involved in making this amazing high tech smartphone for creating a device that actually works well and last for a long time.

  • Logan

K4ynine, 22 Mar 2021Love the phone have owned it for a 15 months will not be up... morei've updated to Magic 4.0.0 and even use a factory reset from recovery. i still have google store and some google crap apps after all these.

  • wahyu

HonorV20, 18 Mar 2021New update, Magic 4.0.0 ( PCT-L29i stuck in Erecovery mode, why?

K4ynine, 22 Mar 2021Love the phone have owned it for a 15 months will not be up... moreHave a v20 that I bought in Jan 19. Came with gms installed. Are you sure I'd loose gms with upgrade? I read somewhere, v20 upgrade to 4.0 comes based on android 10 instead of 11 just for that reason. To keep preinstalled gsm.

  • K4ynine

HonorV20, 18 Mar 2021New update, Magic 4.0.0 ( PCT-L29Love the phone have owned it for a 15 months will not be updating to 4.0 as you will lose Google gms have used a v30 and it is not that good, don't get me wrong the specs are awsome but the software is crap and not everything is available in their own app store either so will be sticking to the one it's on now until they make it better or untill I switch to something else

  • HonorV20

New update, Magic 4.0.0 ( PCT-L29

  • Monk

Ali, 07 Nov 2020Google services???it has google services, i have the phone for about a year and i'm really glad i bought it

  • Farid

Ali, 07 Nov 2020Google services???This phone HONOR VIEW 20 and its cousin Honor 20 and Honor 20 Pro is the last model by Honor that have Google before the banning by USA

  • Nero

This is a truly brilliant phone for the price. It is much cheaper than similarly specced phones,
The resolution and brightness is outstanding, battery life is long. The phone runs smoothly even under heavy use, multitasking is not a problem.
It has a 6GB ram with 128GB storage. Hardly any phones would have these in the price range of the Honor View 20.
With fast charging, you don't need to worry if the battery is flat. My experience is that it roughly charges 1-2% /minute.

Updates are constant so this phone has not been left behind.

  • Ali

Google services???

  • Anonymous

This phone has awesome camera for photography.... However video isn't that great.
With the latest update, I'm facing lag in the shutter speed. There's a delay of around 1.5 seconds from the time I click the shutter button and the actual pic being taken. Anybody else facing the same issue?

  • Hamid

Battery drain in android 10 magic ui3.1 is faster
(web browsing and instagram screen on time 7.30hours) its usual?!

  • Ali

I bought this phone January 2020, and its amazing hardworking and very reliable for all round
Highly recommended

  • nabeel

yes global

  • Mahdi20

what model model global?

  • Nedzad

Nabeel , 30 Aug 2020How can i update my view 20 in Android 10 magic 3 In updat... moreThere is pc app hisuite proxy, check on xda. it allows manual firmware update. I have installed emui on C432 variant.