HP Elite x3

HP Elite x3

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  • Tareq (Dhaka)

I just missed the lucky 7..however still proud to post as number 8. Dear HP, don't keep us waiting. Countdown already started to get this phone in my hand. Seriously for people like me who needs to do lot of office staffs on the go, there is no solution other than this. Perfect phone for business. HP= Horsepower (in business)

It looks good/good specs

  • Suhail

Now that's what i call a complete phone, excellent hardware, just what I've been waiting for.
Only 1 wish, why why why! Windows, why not Android!

  • AnonD-505631

I am the 6th and yes it carries killer specs.. Going to compete tuff in this Buggy Android oriented market.. Watch out Samsung and rest Androids....

  • Tiny Pockets

Great phone, do they do one that will fit in my pocket??

  • AnonD-441601

I am four to say a comment and have to say phone looks more like chopping board than a phone.
But its specs great battery, disk space, processor, ram and everything else looks gruesome.
Like to say a flagship 2016 killer.
Hope this chopping board wont cost more 5 hundred quids in euros.

  • AnonD-150040

I am 3rd.any news on the potential price?

  • AnonD-99419

I am the second,,, and i must admit that the phone is a beast!

  • AnonD-472940

I am the 1st fan! Also, this seems like a very good phone.