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  • tapan

raian, 03 Nov 2012which 1 is gud, htc wildfire aria or htc wildfire s.give suggest... morearia

  • tapan

aria is the best of low price anroid 2.2

  • raian

which 1 is gud, htc wildfire aria or htc wildfire s.give suggestion plz.

  • Anonymous

gsm lover, 18 Sep 2012this is a great phone!!!! after rooting it and installing 2.2 cu... moresir how rebooting it?i move application on sd card but few data remain on phone memory,this gives me alot tension when for new application i have 2 remove old one,pz help me

  • kamrul

My touch-screen is no longer working, seems that have to buy a new touch screen. Any suggestions what the price would?

  • gsm lover

this is a great phone!!!! after rooting it and installing 2.2 custom rom.... i can move apps to sd card and its super fast after that and phone storage never gets low....although it does not have adobe flash player 10.1 but it has adobe flash player lite....runs smoothly over surfing the internet....i agree battery timing is not as far as good

  • Anonymous

if u choose to get the aria, do not get a refurbished one. mine tried to text land lines and called people when it was sitting on the table. wires tend to cross badly. just saying.

  • El

I like the HTC Aria overall, but my phone had a lot of issues. If you get this phone make sure you put a strong phone cover on right away. For the past year and a half I've been using my phone with a huge crack in the screen and also my button to lock/unlock stopped working. The storage does run out fast (I have the 8GB) The size of the phone is good. I love the button on the front that you can use to scroll, it has been super helpful. The internet goes very slow when I need it the most, but the other times it works fine. Another thing that confuses me is how my face can press buttons on my phone while I'm talking on it. Shouldn't it not unlock by itself? And I get really crappy service in the places I am the most such as work, school..

  • Junaid

rock, 25 Jul 2012hello guys i am looking to buy a used handset htc liberty AT&... moreBrother if u want hi speed net , then this is a gud phone .. But this phone is not gud in business .. Battery timing is low .. If u call 4 to 5 hour in the day , this is not gud phone ..
If u want touch screen phone and battery timing then u should go for Nokia Asha 306 .. His bttry timing is 14 hours .. Which has Wifi and 1.0Ghz ..

  • rock

hello guys i am looking to buy a used handset htc liberty AT&T(good condition), I dont have much knowledge abt the specification.
plz suggest me whether to buy this phone or to look some other better phone than this(plz suggest the model if any).
plz reply.....
it would be a great help to me.....plz


1st one died in 2 weeks, over heated went black and never came back. ATT replaced. Had this one 2 years and I'VE HATED IT EVERY DAY. HTC SUCKS! Will never buy again. Freezes.....have to remove battery and reboot. Some times have to remove battery to end call. Screen blacks out a lot and won't come back. STORAGE ALWAY GETTING LOW. Have 8gb not enough. Only comes w/ 2gb what a joke. Also the computer software to load music and ect is really a pain. Not user friendly. I liked my razor, and I liked my Sony walk man. But hate HTC, next phone will be either Sony, Samsung, or Motorola.

  • maximus

hey folks I ve bn using my aria for some few months nw,I want to install Adobe flash player bt all attempts have proven futile. can anybody assist me?

  • aria_user

i had my Aria for 9 months and it keep saying phone storage space getting low,, it couldnt read the 16GB i installed,, :((

  • daniel vignesh

hi im one of the htc aria user....and its user friendly..and have alot of features that cant explore enough....thanks for htc for this superb phone.....

  • Kimbz

Superb phone.with lot of it

  • razi

hi Im using an htc Aria.when I try make calls dial pad goes black.please tell any one why

  • d3nki

yubraj, 26 Mar 2012how can i root my phonelook for a package called revolutionary its the only way i found to root this phone plus its really simple

  • shail

this fone performance is very bad,.

  • htc user

how to move all app from phone to SD card?

  • yubraj

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2011If you are comfortable with rooting your phone, then you can ins... morehow can i root my phone