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  • Felicia

I think it's a decent phone, but you cant hear anything when people call. Is there a way to make it louder when you receive a call? Other than that. its great.

  • malaysian boy

aria has multitouch?
compare with Xperia x10, which better?

  • Lage


I've been looking at the edge above the earpiece. It looks as if it could be uncomfortable to have it pressed to the ear. How do you, who use the phone, experience this? Is it a problem like on the Legend?


  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2011@Jessie What are you talking about? Every phone breaks if you... moreis it possible to download android 2.3 into the htc aria?

  • calvin

navid, 18 Jan 2011it is HD mini,is`nt it????It's Htc Aria.Almost like Htc mini.Aria is using android rather than windows

  • Anonymous

My htc aria just started to vibrate and flash its not turning on or off I had to take the battery out to get it off. Each time it flashes the htc comes up but thats all. Can someone please tell me what is wrong with my phone?

  • Anonymous

im from malaysia..used htc aria for a week..suprisingly,it was too great for a small os really have it all what people is great,can download tons of apps,games..internet browsing and downloading is way too fast,like using a laptop..never regret im not buying htc desire:)love htc aria!

  • varun

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2011@Jessie What are you talking about? Every phone breaks if you... morei beg to differ as i own a htc legend and have faced the problem of the call getting cut while pulling it outta my pocket as the screen gets an upward sliding motion as you remove it. its not so much of a problem but i have to now be careful while removing it from my pocket while its ringing.


julian, 23 Jan 2011i would suggest you to buy this OS that running i... moreits not available in our country because it not affordable.. why do htc build a celpone with such a expensive one.. and the 1 month or 2 it will depreciate so easily... darnnn

  • Phone Shop Worker

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2011Right now im choosing between wildfire and Aria which 1 should i get!The Htc wildfire, what an amazing phone it is i would pick the HTC wildfire over any other wildfire phone anyday.

  • julian

i would suggest you to buy this OS that running in this phone comes with more apps than the HD mini ones

  • Anonymous

hi guys, can u tell me that this fone is available in india or not? and what would be price around?

  • Anonymous


What are you talking about? Every phone breaks if you drop it... and I've never had a call denied by pulling the phone out of my pocket. I've actually never heard of ANYONE who has done that. Go buy an iPhone fanboy. And what is all this "social internet is free" junk? I don't know what that means... but you're paying a monthly fee for data. Nothing is free. If you go over that you get charged extra. And the "always downloading updates"? AT&T has never pushed an over-the-air (OTA) update to this phone. It's never updating. Your argument is invalid. I think this is a case of an ignorant consumer blaming the manufacturer for their own faults.

This phone is great for someone stuck to AT&T and wanting some Android love. In my opinion this is the best Android phone on AT&T (so far), simply because HTC's build quality and Sense UI are better than Samsung and TouchWiz. The phone is gorgeous. It has nice design touches with the fake screws on the back panel and the soft-touch case that doesn't pick up fingerprints. The screen is crisp and bright. It's also good for those who don't want a gigantic phone that barely fits in a pocket. It's compact, fast, and works spectacularly well out of the box. I have mine rooted and running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread, the newest version of Android), and it's the best phone I've ever used.

  • navid

it is HD mini,is`nt it????

  • rich

I heard with AT&T you can't install 3rd party applications on the phone. But what if I have an unlocked AT&T phone. Will I be able to install 3rd party applications with that?

  • Anonymous

Jessie, 10 Jan 2011Hi there SOSmonster, I'm sorry but I've had an iPhone before an... moreYes,thank you.It's very useful to know that if you drop it ,it will broke...I couldnt imagine that by myself.

  • Jessie

SOSmonster, 08 Jan 2011Also, you whinge because you accidentally touch the "deny&q... moreHi there SOSmonster,
I'm sorry but I've had an iPhone before and have also used an iPhone 4 before and about 25 other phones but have not ever received such problem as these phones offer to me. If you think my opinion isn't helpful - good, I don't care. I blame it on the phone that can bring a person's bill to $594 when they have only used social internet which is free in the phone's contract. Apparently it's the updates the phone does all the time, I have not changed the settings at all, kept it as it is how I bought it. It has to be some sort of updates that was already setted up because this is my experience and I find it ridiculous. Maybe it'll be useful to other people since they want to hear what others think, experience and say. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

I broke the glass on my htc aria.
i bought a replacement at­r-Touch-Screen-Glass-Replacement-Original_p_1108­.html

  • SOSmonster

Jessie, 04 Jan 2011Please everyone, don't bother with this phone, it's a piece of *... moreAlso, you whinge because you accidentally touch the "deny" button and it hangs up on people. Better work on your hand-eye coordination if you plan on using touchscreens in the future, because this is the case with every touchscreen that has ever existed. So your big cry is pretty unfounded.

  • SOSmonster

Jessie, 04 Jan 2011Please everyone, don't bother with this phone, it's a piece of *... moreHi Jessie.

You're probably the most stupid poster I've ever seen.

First phone you've ever dropped, and it's broken. Make a logical connection, if that is possible for you to do.

Read the GSMarena article since you've bothered to visit this website. iPhone4 has the highest insurance claim rateof all phones, because it is paneled on both sides with glass, and this makes it more likely to slip also.

Speaker placement doesn't matter if your phone is in a pocket or handbag. So don't understand your reasoning (if any) here.