HTC Desire 21 Pro 5G

HTC Desire 21 Pro 5G

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  • Anonymous

Nithy, 26 Jan 2021But for the price and thickness a decent phone. Remember, t... moreYes indeed

  • Coyz

LCD display in 2021 sucks! I could have decided to try this if it has OLED screen even though it has no stereo speakers. hTC is known for stereo sound

  • Nithy

But for the price and thickness a decent phone. Remember, their one series phones were loved by many. If they find their rhythm in manufacturing phones with good specs and design again htc can find their place in the market.

No stereo loudspeakers? That's not HTC

  • Sunny

Alang Praharja, 14 Jan 2021In the spec fingerprint scaner is at rear. But in the pictu... moreI also observed same

Anonymous, 25 Jan 2021Good specs, good phone, but dated brand...LOL!Lol dated? C'mon now, there is still loads of value in its name. I'd be happy to own another HTC-branded phone, even if there is nothing "HTC" about it.

  • Anonymous

Cheap and ugly design. Bring back the designer who designed sensation series, one s or one M7.

  • Anonymous

Good specs, good phone, but dated brand...LOL!

  • Love HTC

HTC old design was really nice

  • Bopdaddy

Seriously Android 10 in 2021?
HTC should just give up instead of being lazy.

I will buy it when it comes to Europe and replace my old HTC.

  • AnonD-973296

nice phone for the price

  • Anonymous

Michael Gabriel W, 13 Jan 2021Quite good with its priceOnly $250.

  • Anonymous

Nice meme!

  • Anonymous

Good phone but lack global support I guess due to less popularity.

  • Anonymous

I have only HTC phones but recently let's say started from htc10 all products are just to say i still breathing .

  • Anonymous

This company is not serious

  • Masum

This phone has side mount fingerprint sensor

HTC- c'mon Bro ,I'm still alive.

  • Ish

I give 250 $ for this. Not any more