HTC Desire 21 Pro 5G

HTC Desire 21 Pro 5G

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  • Marco

I just bought the HTC desire 21 pro. Unfortunately 4g signal is so unstable that it is impossible to place a call on WhatsApp or Skype if I'm not connected to WiFi. With the same SIM card, same places, but other phone brand, it works perfectly. Also tested with the HTC u12+ and work fine. a way to solve the issue is forcing the phone to stay in 3g.
It is a shame but this is why HTC is losing market

  • Larry

the screen on my htc u12+ is broke so i will need another phone 3 years using this and haven't noticed any decrease on the performance if the battery or software and i fucking love how my headphones sounds on this, i was looking info about the audio on the desire but haven't found so i guess im gonna buy another phone πŸ˜“

  • Evil crash bandicoot

I can't believe it HTC still alive !? She most fallow LG

  • Johnny

Finally desire series have 1080 (90Hz) LCD πŸ€—
Sadly 1080 is only on desire proπŸ˜₯
Others brand have 1080 with midrangeSD 720 phone
HTC still attached on 720 LCDπŸ™„

This actually isn't terrible

I still can't get rid of the awkward feeling of seeing HTC branding on a modern phone. It's not normal and it's not something I can get used to.

  • Mano

There is no 3.5 mm jack , It is hybrid sim Slot..

  • Mexo

Stf, 18 Apr 2021Htc do what LG did. R.I.P legend😒😒

  • Stf

Htc do what LG did. R.I.P legend

World first Android phone was made by HTC( T-Mobile G1) HTC - M series, Desire Series, Butterfly are Great
But HTC is still good however Samsung,Huawei, Xiaomi/Redmi,Oppo/Real me,Vivo are Leading in Android World HTC is Over Price and Low Performance.
Why?We Love HTC Smart Phone and We want Legendary HTC back.😎😎

  • McBride

Dometalican, 16 Feb 2021Uh...why can't this be done? Do you have any explanati... moreYou won't get wireless charging with an aluminum body. Everything else seems doable, but I also want Edge Sense to return with more features/functionality.

  • anonym23

The phone doesn't have 3.5mm jack. The spec should be corrected

aziz, 05 Mar 2021htc once made legendary devices but now imitating othersHtc went downhill since the U11+

Just how unprofessional and greedy managers can be. And this ongoing for almost 10 years. Last month HTC revenue has cleared the anti-record again - just $8 mln.

Competing devices with similar specs cost 30-40% cheaper.

What's more, HTC unveiled budget E3 on ancient budget Helio P22, which they probably found thrown away in some waste facility, and position it as flagship.


HTC was very good in the beginning until 2020 bateery dies in three hours

cant receve calles and snapdragon 6oo sieres not 2017 terrible performance my son cant even play his game on it says erro not enough space its brand new all i got is cod mobile for my kid which doesent work and istgram sucks do not buy

  • aziz

htc once made legendary devices but now imitating others

  • Anonymous

gaber, 12 Feb 2021Where to buy in EU?in EBAY

Desire 21 Pro

U20 5G

Anonymous, 15 Feb 2021How is that going nuts ? you mentioned a random bunch of st... moreUh...why can't this be done? Do you have any explanation? If it's money, duh. It's just a matter of HTC getting funding. What's preventing them from doing this?

  • Anonymous

Dometalican, 11 Feb 2021Wanting HTC to go nuts, they should do this (Codenamed Erup... moreHow is that going nuts ? you mentioned a random bunch of stuff you probably know zero about.
Anyone can copy and paste spec and components

Where to buy in EU?