HTC Desire 728 dual sim

HTC Desire 728 dual sim

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  • Shiva

vishnu, 10 Feb 2017Try USB debugging in developer optionsPlease help how to use otg cable

  • Shiva

Otg support ?... Plz help


can we upgrade to android 6.0 or 7.0 nougat

  • Sheikh Nissar

It is too bad to think about this phone...It is not Volte enabled, it LTE and need Jio4Gvoice app.

  • Gutle

Ilkin, 11 Feb 2017First of all I must say that this phone is brilliant. I used thi... moreIt's ok lah

  • Ilkin

AnonD-636250, 21 Jan 2017I have bought it just 5 days ago and it is taking 3 hrs for full... moreThat is why it's adapters is 1 mapper.if you use 1.5 milliamper it charged faster

  • Ilkin

First of all I must say that this phone is brilliant. I used this phone 21 day with playing games and writing in social sets. No problem at all.although my phone manufacturing in India it's best for its price. Then I must mention that it's ram was 2 and support LTE. The bad side was battery not removable and pixel of screen. Screen has not special protection layer

  • STG

k kumar, 29 Dec 2016But it was not supporting to make it to support otg. Follow these steps...
1. Stare at the mobile until you get slapped with your common sense that you should have checked for that feature before buying.
2. Cover the mobile in black cloth. Mourn 2 mins for your sanity
3. With the newly gained epiphany, search for a mobile which supports OTG
4. Buy that mobile
5. Smile.

  • STG

Jaffar, 01 Feb 2017I bought desire 728 just two months back. Now phone is dead. Ser... moreAre you sure?i bought this mobile one month back and never faced issues with battery getting hot? What kind of applications you run that heats up the battery? So far this mobile haven't given me any issues and Iam bit concerned from the negative comments i see in this site

  • vishnu

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2017This phone does not support OTG cable.Try USB debugging in developer options

  • :)

lucky singh, 25 Jan 2017Hello guys. I have been using this phone since march 2016, its ... moreHey lucky singh you must be lying . How can you give a phone worth rs. 16000 to anyone. I m using samsung galaxy grand prime 4g . Htc desire 728 is much better than my phone

  • Ajju

htc user, 21 Jan 2017lots of problem even do not support otg so don't go for this htc 728Video play but stop automatic bad phn anybody don't buy this

  • Joel Jeofen

It's a very bad phone... Battery will get hot... Totally it's like a cemetry. Waste of money and happinesss

  • Anonymous

Harpreet, 06 Feb 2017Anybody tell me how am using the otg cableThis phone does not support OTG cable.

  • Harpreet

Anonymous, 02 Feb 2017Hiii....pls tell me how to connect otg in HTC 728ultra editionAnybody tell me how am using the otg cable

  • AnonD-641749

I bought this nonsense phone in November 16. Every 20 minutes restarting and searching sim

  • Alam

I have buy two week before ultra edition Really I have done big mistake to buy this product.... it's worst mobile plz don't buy this kind of device totally irritating setting and features
This device make me too much angry and irritate .. no power backup no camera quality,no contact edit feature, have a lot of demerit of this phone..

Plz it's my humble request don't buy this product.

  • Tamilan

Chess, 24 Jan 2017728 ultra edition-problem overheating and slow charging728 very Hot and slow charging

  • Anonymous

subroto, 25 Dec 2016otg supported Hiii....pls tell me how to connect otg in HTC 728ultra edition

  • Anonymous

Not support Otg......