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  • A joshi

I really liked the specs of HTC desire 816. But I have certain concerns:
1) It has an in built battery . Does this pose a problem? that is if the battery conks off, you may have to replace the entire phone.
2)HTC does not have many service centres as samsung has. Do I have to worry about this?
3) In terms of longevity or durability of HTC phones
4)Various sellers of phone shops say that htc has compatibilty issues. All parts within it do not belong to the company and hence may be incompatible.
5) That the phone gets heated up

All these negative points have been raised by the salesmen in various mobile shops. Are they dissuading me from buying HTC for their own ulterior motives or is it really so.
Pl do reply to my queries
Thank you

  • AnonD-273583

Hi to everyone. It has been close to 5 days since i bought this beauty and it definitely needs an appreciation. (Btw i got this phone from sangeetha mobiles in chennai for 23k. OMG, the store guy gave me an power bank free of cost which has a battery of 2600Mah i.e the same power as that of the phone. He also gave one year extended warranty free of cost which also covered defect due to water logging which is generally not covered in the manufacturer warranty. This is awesome :)....

I went for the white color and one word to say abt it - ITS SEXY.... But sadly i had a lil scratch on the rear paner besides the camera....

The phone is not at all bulky and infact i was surprised by its weight and it fits perfectly in the jeans pocket or shorts....

The processor is simply awesome.... I am a heavy user and an avid gamer. I have used micromax canvas 2 previously and before that used xperia neo V. After using such laggy phones for quite some time, every time when i press the home button or when i make a call or when i open any apps, it opens within blink of an eye. I am yet to face any lag issue (and hope not to find any further)....

The camera does its job decently. I used the free flip cover that was given with the phone. When i took photos with flash, i found the photos to be too exposed to flash. I tried to use all the settings in the phone but was unable to find an solution to the over flash exposure. Then all of a suddent thought of removing the flipcover and took a phot with the flash and VIOLA the picture was perfect. So my piece of advise would be to remove the phone from the flipcover if u want to take photos especially with flash....

The battery is really good. I am just using a single sim with 3g fully on and i am getting close to 18-20 hrs of life....

Hence to sum up, this phone really met all my expectations of owning a decent phone without any lag and decent camera. Kudos to HTC for bringing out such a gem....


  • karthik726

hey guys plz tell me which colour is the best white or grey and also let me know if the 2nd sim slot supports gsm or not plz reply fast..iam ready to buy if iam clarified
thanks in advance

  • Rocket

bhupiithegreat, 13 Jun 2014bhai jatin plz tell where is that shop u bought from ur HTC... moreBro, the power bank provided along with the phone also has the same capacity as that of the phone i.e 2600mah....

  • hadi

AnonD-47932, 13 Jun 2014Is anyone using reliance 3G on desire 816 in Kolkata.?if us... morereliance is not available in 3g

  • Arjun

AnonD-19049, 13 Jun 2014Lokesh.. In spec i defintly go for htc desire 816 B... moreXperia zr or htc 816 which is best

  • AnonD-19049

parv, 13 Jun 2014jatin which color is best white or grey??For me white :)
Awsm feel :)

  • AnonD-19049

Lokesh, 13 Jun 2014Hay jatinR can u tell me which one is best HTC 816 or xperi... moreLokesh..

In spec i defintly go for htc desire 816

Bt i didnt tested two sim.. plz u shld cnfrm dual standby to cstmr care..

N htc desire 816 is better than all mid rnge mbl..

So both sim i dn thnk wrk at the sme tym.. plz cnfrm to cstmr care.. sorry abt dat

  • prabh

Its best phone ever with great battery backup and 13mp camera and front 5mp camera best proccesor moreover this phone is best buy,everyday i play with this phone ...

  • AnonD-19049

AnonD-273531, 13 Jun 2014Anyone who is using desire 816; does your charger become ho... moreYp charger bcm hot.. nt an issue.. aftr 100% it turn off by it self (charger)

  • Raj

PB, 12 Jun 2014As all people who have purchased desire 816 are v happy wit... moreThe popularity on GSM Arena is based on the number of hits it receives daily for this handset.

  • yogesh

Can anyone tell me about heavy gaming performance in htc 816.
I want to buy it in 2-3 days according to your opinions.

  • apthomas

i am waiting for windows phone in HTC

  • Jay

The HTC India website says in specifications that the dual sim version of Desire 816 supports 3G only for CDMA sim. For GSM sim it supports only 2.5G i.e GPRS/EDGE. Is that true?

Does that mean I cannot put in my current GSM sim and use 3G from it?

  • AnonD-273531

Anonymous, 13 Jun 2014Hey does this phone support Usb on the go? Thanks in advance :-)Yes

  • AnonD-273531

As all people who have purchased desire 816 are v happy with it, including myself.... but then why is popularity going down on gsmarena spec page ? It had reached 45% but going down daily....why ??? Any body knows how gsmarena takes out this popularity percentage score ???

  • AnonD-273531

Anyone who is using desire 816; does your charger become hot after some time in charging ? Is it normal ? Or should I go to service centre ? Plz reply urgently... plz plz

  • Anonymous

Hey does this phone support Usb on the go?
Thanks in advance :-)

  • arun

Micheal, 13 Jun 2014Hey htc 816 user..does it fit in your pocket? Or is it too ... moreYa it's a bit bulky.but that is not at all a problem

  • ddd

Arjun, 13 Jun 2014Hii everyone any one say in htc 816 in video option slow mo... moreYes,slow motion video recodind is available......