HTC Desire 816

HTC Desire 816

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  • raj

HTC desire 816 or Sony t2ultra please sugest.

  • htc

does it have gorilla glass protection.... ???

  • AnonD-183568

sam, 22 Apr 20142600 mAh battery for a 5.5" phone looks pretty weak should ... moreHTC Desire 816 comes with Android 4.4.2 KitKat, the latest version of the operating system with HTC's Sense 6.0 UI running on top. The phone includes a new version of BlinkFeed. not packed with beats audio...

  • Anonymous

only 24000 for this htc phone is not a good sign.. its not a Samsung its htc. price must b around 30000 bt its only 24000 means lot of compromise in quality. specially 13mp camera is questionable. it may perform below 8mp shooters.. so plz check camera first. another issue is 5.5 screen with front speakers means handset is huge n not easy for one handed use n won't fit in pockets.. Motorola X, S3 neo, XPERIA ZR r much better in specs n reliability. don't b crazy for cheaper.

  • AnonD-183568

yash, 22 Apr 2014plz anybody can tell me what is the price of htc desire 816 and ... moredesire 816 price is inr 23990/-...u can go for this phone @ this price tag...only problem is no gorilla glass for protection...desire 610 will be delayed i think...

  • kk

Radio TBD?
My opinion is every Mobile should have Radio + Recording Option.

  • yash

plz anybody can tell me what is the price of htc desire 816 and htc desire 610.
and suggest me what should i purchase... plz suggest me guys fast....... i am in confuse.... plz help.... guys....

  • AnonD-233859

Indian version deesn't support 4g

  • sam

In dis price range htc has done a gr8 job...
wll i hv seen in gsm arena specification
is suprb phone nd features compre to samsung galaxy grand 2.
and much more...
so guys Go for dis .

Will dual sim version support 4g?

  • Pranav

Specs-wise, appears better than Xperia M2.

  • sam

2600 mAh battery for a 5.5" phone looks pretty weak should atleast be 3000 mAh,by the way i love htc phones currently using desire 600 which is really great phone & i still hv to find a valid reason to replace it. I was just curious about this one as it has a bigger screen,in the specs it shows android os so what kind of os it has 4.2,4.3 or kitkat?? Also does it have zoe & beats audio??

  • AnonD-247164

waiting for arena review- camara,Display....

  • AnonD-103806

price are higher than specification.

  • jammer

death of sony t2 , m2 , moto x , galaxy grand 2

  • Anonymous

AnonD-26236, 22 Apr 2014Htc's pricing raises some concerns..a few hands-on videos have s... moreloool....!!
y u always saying fake news ?? ( no offence )

1) u said it will be priced arrpund 30 k -- wrong

2)u said no Zoe -- totally wrong ( if u r from India , it comes with s6.0 so it have new cam + Zoe , Chinese version with s5,5 has old cam )

3)it will not drop the price for atlesst 6 months

4) indian version have NFC u Sony lover :3

  • ameen

ashishhtc, 21 Apr 2014Is it dual sim?price a little bit high.but finally gsm&cdma it seems a nice smart phone for me

I wanna grab it soon in red green or blue colour subject to availability however will check appeal in hands its fairly priced and expect discounts frm retailers lol😛😛😆

  • AnonD-26236

Htc's pricing raises some concerns..a few hands-on videos have shown that htc zoe is missing from the camera ui..this makes the 13mp more or less useless..
It also lacks nfc(T2 ultra has it)

So overall htc has overpriced it a little. However i m fine with this price also bcz it will drop to abt 21-22k in few weeks.

  • akash

4G LTE QUESTION, 21 Apr 2014Does it supports Frequecy Mhz 2300 from Bharti Airtel? Please reply.yes it does support