HTC Desire 820

HTC Desire 820

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  • AnonD-220917

Locks very cool woow..
Whats price?

  • sep

gorilla glass or not?

  • EXT

720p Screen??? what a pity...

  • kuldeep

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2014is tis a dual sim support phone...??No dear

  • Cena

I wonder how much it cost...and when it will be released anyway???? these phone looks better than HTC ONE indeed

  • Android Life

I honestly don't know why HTC sees it impossible to include front facing speakers without the HTC logo at the front of the screen...if youre gonna use on screen keys...then I simply see that space as unnecessary...

  • Dharev

How much price will be india?

  • vt

AnonD-21624, 04 Sep 2014All of you want this with a smaller screen, you should go f... moreWe would have been happy if it came with gorilla glass as it has a huge screen and full hd with at least 326 ppi.

  • adam

How much

  • waleed

hi, HTC , i think so i wait this phone but i hope a good price , and why no radio ?

  • ppvv

64 bit ! wow ! it will be perfect for video games

  • AnonD-21624

All of you want this with a smaller screen, you should go for the HTC E8. The very reason of having an 820 is the 5.5 inch screen!

  • Anonymous

is this going to be available in the united states?

  • AnonD-107252

i want one...

  • Anonymous

is tis a dual sim support phone...??

  • AnonD-196881

the flagship of midranges.for sure 820 is thwe best midrange ever made.thanks htc
if making mini version with this specs and same cameras and lcd resolution I'll say double thanks :D

  • AnonD-302296

The Desire 816 is basically the same phone for a lot less money. got mine from QVC for $199

  • AB

When ll it be launched in INDIA? any idea?

  • AnonD-182703

No nfc ?

  • jacob

Excellent specifications.. Camera, RAM, resolution is really good..
screen size makes it a phablet.. shud have been 5" or little lesser.. large size makes it difficult to handle with one hand .. so difficult for calling purpose..
FM radio is a much desired feature in major cities in india. Too bad they missed it. Thats going to make a big difference in sales