HTC Desire 820

HTC Desire 820

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  • AnonD-302236

Servicing a concern

  • Anonymous

With those speakers and bezels the overall size in too big , a 5inch display would had been better.Better depth and easily reachable with single hand.

  • naseem

nic mobile

  • naseem

nic Mobil

  • Jeremiah

Really good phone, but I think 5.5'' screen is too big. 4.7'' or 5' Is good enough for me. Overall it is a good phone.

  • Anonymous

Htc why not contained a LTPS lcd 3 screen

No radio. Hmm. So they are starting to copy others.

  • Arun

Super Design,Waiting for the Mobile.....:)specially the cool white with Blue color,really its rocking


the combination of colours on handsets was not that much good as desire 816

  • Quiet Talkative

Nice design. Wouldn't mind getting it for myself.

  • Sunny

Fab and sporty piece waiting for its launch in india

  • AnonD-233985

Please make Desire 720 with specs like this and 4.7in screen, please HTC!

  • AnonD-171438

i love it nice new 64b

  • AnonD-64289

Now where is the NFC Option and the Radio...This design is really fabulous in white n blu color.. but no NFC .... Why HTC.....

  • pether

HTC Desire 820
five stars
cant wait to get my hands on that

  • AnonD-261548

amazing phone ! but no radio !!!!

  • AnonD-302048

Is it replacing desire 816?

  • AnonD-67953

Why isn't it inclusive of a radio tuner.?!...:/

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2014Just only if the screen size would be 4.5 - 4.9 inch...I would love to see the same specs in a less than 5 inch screen. These days manufacturers don't make good phone in small screen sizes.

  • AnonD-79109

HTC couldn't be better.. Finally a company that listens.. :)