HTC Desire 820

HTC Desire 820

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Anonymous, 04 Sep 2014Just only if the screen size would be 4.5 - 4.9 inch...Yeah! making it a 5 inch screen would have increased the pixel density from 267 ppi to 294 ppi. Then this would be the best midranger. 267 ppi is really disapointing.

  • Anonymous

Just only if the screen size would be 4.5 - 4.9 inch...

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ritz, 04 Sep 2014it's really gr8!! phoneEverything Including the 2gb RAM was good. The only serious downside is the low resolution with only 267ppi. Ppi should have been more than 300 or close to 400 with 1080 full HD. Then this could be a full-fledged midranger. Otherwise there is no point in having 2gb RAM.

  • bhoopender

anybody tell me that USB on the feature is available in this phone please comment

  • Maziar

htc is good, but i unlike this phone because of too big

  • ritz

it's really gr8!! phone

  • AnonD-149253

My wish... 3000mAh battery!

  • Bubble

You said its a mid range smartphone but its Specifications is like other flagship phone. Think its price will be above 450$

  • mas39

WOW! If this is a mid range, I wonder what their next high end device will be like. I can't wait.

  • AnonD-301964

If I am correct then this is the highest rated device at gsmarena :-)

  • mehul

But how much cost????

  • AnonD-244070

Best phone for mid range.

  • mmk

it has android 4.4.4 version running