HTC Desire C

HTC Desire C

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  • AnonD-188066

That is the best phone a guy can have. HTC Desire c is my best friend. He is fast and pretty.

  • Ajhar

it's a slow phone_______!

  • Faizi

which mobile is best htc Desire c or Samsung Galaxy Star?

  • Guptha S

HTC Desire C is the worst mobile....Its very slow and radio is worst. I paid 10500 for a dummy mobile. Pitty on me.

  • Rahul

Using it for last 6 months, its worthy

  • shar

AnonD-183903, 08 Sep 2013does htc touch buttons hv lights?htc desire c doesnt have light on the touch buttons

  • Nikola Panov MKD

rahul, 03 Sep 2013this phone really sucks.. htc desire c is a hang full set as it... moreJust instal another launcher from playstore: Zeam launcher, it will increase the speed quite well, try it works for sure

  • AnonD-183903

does htc touch buttons hv lights?

  • R.D Singh

HTC Desire C is the worst of all mobiles. I am using this since last one year and is giving a series of problems one after another which cant be described here in one paragraph or two. Overall experience with this mobile is worst. My advice is not to buy this junk.

  • moon

prajwal, 02 Aug 2013i am using this phone from 2month its awesome !!!!!!!! i like th... morePlz tell me about its battery time and processing speed?

  • Anonymous

KING_V13, 22 Aug 2013They forgot to add it has "Smile Shutter" (it has an o... moreI don't think you are referring to the same phone. My Desire c shuts down 10 times a day even after it was repaired for the same thing two weeks ago. They replaced the board. I want out of this phone. Don't buy this phone....

  • niyor

very nice phon I like 2 use this smoth screen one time many applications were open and also PDF files were support here I think it is the best Phon in Android series

better than nokia

  • rahul

this phone really sucks..
htc desire c is a hang full set as it is soo slow..

  • sandyyyyyy

gopal, 01 Sep 2013i m using this fone around a year.bgth dis fr 15k indian rupees.... morethis s the worst, slow os , touch s nt nce... dont buy

  • Mkayasv

Anon London, 01 Sep 2013I am thinking of getting the Desire C. Can you open and read... moreIt wil do tha trik

  • Mkayasv

I love it.its a base android so yu get wat yu pay fo if yu want mo get tha desire v

  • kishan

A big suggestion for anyone and everyone.This phone sucks.You will regret after buying this crap.Except sone lil things nothing is good.Very sluggish and hang alot.Trough playing game it lags very time n hardly u can play any game without lag.Sound quality is good but not the best.Touch is awesome but failed to reponce sometime.All in All the worst phone .Bettet to go for lumia 520 or if you want android experience then add some 2000-2500 bucks more n u may buy SONY XPERIA E.

  • Anonymous

I am using HTC Desire c & it is awesome but the camera disappoint at low light, HTC is better than others Android phones. and the 600mhz processor doesn't slow down the phone it is a great device at low price.

  • gopal

i m using this fone around a year.bgth dis fr 15k indian rupees..n highly satisfied qid the fone but nw uta outdated..had sum problemes with proximiti sensor initially but it resolved with software update...n i dnt hv to visit the service center again n agian lyk the samsung phn users...grt music experience...ok with battery quality poor while using 3g...supports some of hd games...good flash..slow prosser(coz 512mb ram nt enough to run ics smoothly)...nd vry baad resell value coz the price of this phn reduces almost every month)...touch sentitivy ia excellant...user interface is also nyc...overall a good phn to buy. go fr it

  • ab rahim

Please tell me how off vibrat when other person resiev the call ....? Pleas.