HTC Desire C

HTC Desire C

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  • Comolokko

i think the camera quality is not 5mp. thats a lie. its 3 or 1mp. lagging so much on menu. also lagging when using internet. THERE ARE ALOT OF BETTER PHONES THAN THIS

  • Keith

I am using this phone since 1 and half years . its a good phone for basic needs and few apps. but can't handle many apps. phone starts lagging heavily. even phone book , typing , opening any app lags a lottt( upto 5-7 seconds for phone book! ) sometimes after typing q full sentence the alphabets come slowly after u finish typing.. camera is good in bright light, very poor in low light. however phone has good call and net reception.

  • Varma king

Bad phone...
Serious troubles
only 600 mhz processor

  • oskido

it reli value for moni

  • JohnnyVixen

The HTC Desire C is very low quality for a smartphone. It frequently does factory resets on its own, randomly deletes my contacts, crashes daily, the camera takes worse quality photos than my old flip phone with a 1MP camera.
After a just a month the whole internal memory was filled just from the pre installed apps that I don't want constantly updating, even though I have set them to not update automatically they still do, so I have to constantly go undo the updates.
This is also an offensively slow device.

  • bhupindr

this set beame good in use

  • Anonymous

Good phone,, The only problen z the slow CPU...

  • Rak

I never saw any worst smartphone than this. It always hangs, lots of time taking while searching contact list etc. whatsapp crashes very frequently.

  • Anonymous

this phone sucks ....since the day i bought it ... it gets hanged every now and then ....just hate it ..

  • izaan

i never see such a great set like this

  • Anonymous

This phone sucked I had it for less than a year anzd one day it would not turn on worst phone ever anyways really glitchy

  • raja

hoe could i write in tamil on message

  • akhil

how could i search a problem for my htc desire c screen is not working??????

  • Katman

pls my 3G network is not coming. anytime itz on then the network will go. whats the cause?

  • bp

Xylo, 13 May 2014It's not a very good phone as I expected.It has been only about ... moreso is that problem rectified of yours?me too having same problem

  • AnonD-274917

Mario , 15 Jun 2014bought my phone second hand and noted it has some 'unwanted' his... moreplease reset your phone to factory reset.

  • AnonD-274917

Phone is good but need to change the software for making fast

  • Mario

bought my phone second hand and noted it has some 'unwanted' history I wish to delete asap...can anyone can tell me how pls?

  • md ali

nice phone ......but to slow

  • john

good phone but the funtions are very bad...and too slow as well....