HTC Desire C

HTC Desire C

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  • vicky

This s shit. In specs they said that screen size s 3.5" , but Wn I measured , its just around 2.8".

  • mick

dinesh, 15 Apr 2014very best fone i have seen in my life,gr8 camera qualityHahhahaah.. camera and htc desire c.. dnt go together!

  • Anonymous

Not a bad android device, works well with the 4.0 OS mine has installed. (which is what I bought it for)

However, the phone functionality SUCKS.. It is basically a micro tablet for me. 99% of the time when dialing out I haveto repeatedly press the call button (touch sscreen spot). Thne when it finally decides to respond to the call out request it does so at least twice, placing one of the dial outs on hold...

  • Gonzo

I just do not understand You people......
What You looking from phone.........
I have this phone for one year and I am pretty satisfied with the phone.....Just one time I had to place it back on factory settings only and I mean ONLY because it was fuul of rubbish....I download some stupid apps.
PHONE IS GREAT......If You need something small and simple but in the same time GREAT You should buy this phone

  • Mohammed

I used many types of phones in parallel, but very sad with htc, whatsapp not responding while mobile in sleep :(

  • sree

Don't buy this phone,I never seen such type of worst phone,instead of buying this better to buy basic phone by putting worth of 2000,I bought by effort of 12k even call button is also not working some times,keypad also not working.

  • Anonymous

Maybe you guys cant take care of it!

  • Anonymous

This phone is a piece of crap and should never have been allowed on the market

  • Anonymous

veeranagowda, 21 May 2014the htc keypad bottom 3 sensors not working ..plzz tel me the so... moreSame prob with my mobile.If you got the solution can u pls explain me

  • Vijay

Its one on the worst mobile. Request others not to take this mobile.I purchase mobile for 12k and spent 5k for repair charge just for 2 yrs.

  • arun

my mobile suddenly becomes like a brick . even i dono the exact reason for this fault.

  • mac

it is a 3rd class set

  • imran sonu


  • Mimi

prabha, 17 Apr 2014My frds how is working this phone ? ? Reply me?Its a v Good phone

  • Mimi

prabha, 17 Apr 2014My frds how is working this phone ? ? Reply me?It

  • SD

Xylo, 13 May 2014It's not a very good phone as I expected.It has been only about ... moreThe same problem of touch not so responsive + keyboard typing on its own.

  • veeranagowda

the htc keypad bottom 3 sensors not working ..plzz tel me the solution

  • baqar

The phone hand on experience was very impressive and after finding out deep information from an HTC expert and one of Desire C owner. I found out that the phone is upgraded in every sense and best in the market. 1. The people who have doubt with the processor have not gone through Technicals or History of HTC. HTC always comes out with latest in terms of hardware and the hardware quality is best in the market, 600MHz scorpion processor is an next generation mobile processor and if u compare it with 1Ghz processor of Samsung, then the desire C 600MHz scorpion processor is like 1.5 too 2Ghz. ( Now many may question me for that so here is an example, for the same, PC or Desktop in the market today u get with Intel i3 and Intel i5 processor, but they are differentiated in terms of performance by 1st generation and 2nd generation, so the same way the 600mhz HTC processor have difference with Samsung 1Ghz or any other company except Motorola they have processor same as HTC ) 2. Talking about camera, Desire C 5mp camera is the best in comparison with any phone with 5mp in the market, picture ones transferred to PC or Projector tells everything about the camera. 3. Terms of music this phone finds no competition in this price range in the market, with it BEATS Audio System. The sound quality is exceptionally good. About headphone they are best in quality as they are not BEATS headphones but the headphone are extreme good in quality and compatible to BEATS Audio System, each and every part of music is loud, Soft and Clear. 4. Its no where comparable to HTC Explorer both are very different products. Price range for the product is impressive with the kind features, and hardware quality. This phone is an very good option for people who want every beat of the music they are listening, people who want exceptionally good camera and latest feature in phones

  • Xylo

It's not a very good phone as I expected.It has been only about 9 months or so since I bought this phone,yet it start showing problems such as screen not responding to touch,keyboard typing on its own,keyboard not responding properly,etc.I would have to restart every time the problems occur and the problems occur more and more often.

  • Vipin Raj

I have been using this phone last 14 months. Its so user friendly. we have to update the phone software as it prompts to. Light Weight, great Camera quality and very speed browsing.Also very smooth and easy touch screen. HTC Sense is very useful for social network chats and uploads. Battery is good. Also, good screen clarity and resolution. Somebody mentioned above about the whatsapp issue., its only because of not updating the phone properly. If we use it updated, this is the best phone in it's class. Camera is 5mp exact and not 2mp.

I will definitely recommend to buy this..