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  • Scotty

Just bought the new HTC 20 Desire Pro and I find it the most irritating phone I have ever had. When I want to make a call I am presented with all my saved callers in alphabetic order and have to set it to recent calls every time.
Photos was transferred from my HTC 10, but the photos screen only shows me a strange selection of my photos whereas the HTC 10 would let me see all my photos in date order.
I could go on with the numerous illogical aspects to this phone, but suffice to say, this the most illogical phone I have ever had - and I have been using mobiles since the early days when the felt like bricks in your pocket.

  • Kumark

My First Android Phone..... And one of the best mobiles I ever us d ...for that period it was having best camera best display best in everything.... Wish HTC comeback with these kind of value for money phones again.....

  • Anonymous

Setya, 05 Feb 2020Still rocking after 9 years. Luv it. Can you download games and play them,good for internet?

  • Setya

Still rocking after 9 years. Luv it.

  • Android Pilot

Lol even mine is still working, i use note 10 plus now, but have kept mine as a memory.
Those were HTC days.

  • vi sb

Anonymous, 29 Mar 2019bought in 2010 still working and working means still in bro

  • Anonymous

bought in 2010 still working and working means still in use....

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2018I second that, I dropped kicked mine several times along th... moreOmg I've done exactly the same thing. I power mine on every few years and it always works. Screen is PERFECT with no tempered glass.

  • Eswara Rao

Excellent phone.My Samsung mobile not working and I switched it on now,after 3 years,working perfect.became a big fan of htc.

That was my first HTC phone, Desire HD makes me fan of HTC..Now i own HTC 10.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-674038, 10 Aug 2017Yeah right? same here. My HTC10 died (blinking screen and r... moreI second that, I dropped kicked mine several times along the pavement whilst drunk and did it ever smash or break? No this phone was indestructible!

  • AnonD-751611

man, just switched on my dhd... and its still fine. was a great time with it :)

  • ali

i used this great phone too much....still remeber the great experiance of htc old phones

  • riky

AnonD-674038, 10 Aug 2017Yeah right? same here. My HTC10 died (blinking screen and r... moreHow did you intall your whatsapp..?? I cant

  • AnonD-674038

Yeah right? same here. My HTC10 died (blinking screen and restarted an bootloop). I took my Inspire 4g (exactly same model as DesireHD but with 4g support). Still working. Battery sucks, but hey, it has 7 years!. Whatsapp works, can I reproduce any video that people send me thru whatsapp, google maps works, calls, sms... Its incredible how much times I droped this phone. even my wife used as replace for some days and dropped million times and still working. My volume keys are dead too :D

  • JL

After my newest phone (nexus 5x) failed due to the bootloop issue, I am using this phone (my first smartphone) again after 7 years of purchase.
It still works, except for the volume buttons, for which I use an app now.
It is pretty slow, most apps cannot be installed, and a large number of website do not function in it's browser.
However, for core phone functionality like calling/sms/email/whatsapp/fb(lite)/messenger(lite)/music(spotify) it still works pretty good. :)

  • ShenwenOnline

Am still using mine,still best phone ever, 7yrs sad it couldn't be upgraded,second battery !!!

  • Engineer Imran

It is the best phone ever, now a days; it do not support a number of apps due to less hardware but still I don't want to buy a new phone

if there is any other HTC smart phone which is good like my Desire HD then suggest me guys...


best phone ever. unfortunately mine shut down a while ago and wasn't able to turn it on again but still it worked well for almost 5 years