HTC Desire HD

HTC Desire HD

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best phone ever. unfortunately mine shut down a while ago and wasn't able to turn it on again but still it worked well for almost 5 years

  • kreek

Where can you get a new battery for this phone, and where?


  • Anonymous

Only because it was getting quite slow, is that after almost 7 years of tough use and countless falls, I changed the Desire HD for the HTC 10.

  • Nilofer

Phireak, 06 Mar 2015What should i do with my HTC Desire HD A9191 when it is bei... morePlz buy a new battery which may not be original but it will work. I did this two years ago.

  • Anonymous

I am using this phone from last 6 years with Android 2.3. Great phone. I love even today....

  • Anonymous

Phones lover, 20 Dec 2016Worst phone ever .... This doesn't work after 2+ Years ... moreIt actually isn't that bad. I got it 3 years ago, and it works very well.

  • Phones lover

Andrew, 09 Aug 2010Nice look, but notn different from other htc phones. Htc su... moreWorst phone ever ....
This doesn't work after 2+ Years
And Camera is bad no Front camera
Doesn't support OTG


AnonD-498497, 08 Feb 2016My Desire HD needs a new LCD Screen Digitizer... Does anybo... morethey are available on ebay


jewel BD , 10 Jun 2016I need its some accessories like backside sim and SD card ... moreebay sell them all the time.

  • Jeewa

An Excellent mobile.

  • genie

i had this phone myself for probably 1 year and something and i liked it a lot when i had before i switched to an iPhone 5 when it came out.

  • Anonymous

Really... Its an amazing smart phone

  • Anonymous

Love this phone!

  • Anonymous

Had been used it for 5 years.. great phone except the b short attery life...

  • Anonymous

I am using it for last 5+ years, bought on the date on launch.. Still working very well

  • Raj

Got it in 2010 - Stopped using almost 2 years ago.

Its volume button fell somewhere. (I use an app to manage volume levels)
its Wifi + Bluetooth antenna doesn't work (I use PC reverse tethering or Mobile Data)
Its Battery drains within 5 hours (No workaround but to charge)

But still; I love this phone. My first android. Nostalgia

  • AnonD-563831

superb phone

  • Maria

I still have it ... Great phone and the camera is perf

  • Dosadnik

... yep! Still have it almost ~ 6yrs