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HTC Desire HD

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  • Anonymous

Only because it was getting quite slow, is that after almost 7 years of tough use and countless falls, I changed the Desire HD for the HTC 10.

  • Nilofer

Phireak, 06 Mar 2015What should i do with my HTC Desire HD A9191 when it is bei... morePlz buy a new battery which may not be original but it will work. I did this two years ago.

  • Anonymous

I am using this phone from last 6 years with Android 2.3. Great phone. I love even today....

  • Anonymous

Phones lover, 20 Dec 2016Worst phone ever .... This doesn't work after 2+ Years ... moreIt actually isn't that bad. I got it 3 years ago, and it works very well.

  • Phones lover

Andrew, 09 Aug 2010Nice look, but notn different from other htc phones. Htc su... moreWorst phone ever ....
This doesn't work after 2+ Years
And Camera is bad no Front camera
Doesn't support OTG


AnonD-498497, 08 Feb 2016My Desire HD needs a new LCD Screen Digitizer... Does anybo... morethey are available on ebay


jewel BD , 10 Jun 2016I need its some accessories like backside sim and SD card ... moreebay sell them all the time.

  • Jeewa

An Excellent mobile.

  • genie

i had this phone myself for probably 1 year and something and i liked it a lot when i had before i switched to an iPhone 5 when it came out.

  • Anonymous

Really... Its an amazing smart phone

  • Anonymous

Love this phone!

  • Anonymous

Had been used it for 5 years.. great phone except the b short attery life...

  • Anonymous

I am using it for last 5+ years, bought on the date on launch.. Still working very well

  • Raj

Got it in 2010 - Stopped using almost 2 years ago.

Its volume button fell somewhere. (I use an app to manage volume levels)
its Wifi + Bluetooth antenna doesn't work (I use PC reverse tethering or Mobile Data)
Its Battery drains within 5 hours (No workaround but to charge)

But still; I love this phone. My first android. Nostalgia

  • AnonD-563831

superb phone

  • Maria

I still have it ... Great phone and the camera is perf

  • Dosadnik

... yep! Still have it almost ~ 6yrs

  • jewel BD

I need its some accessories like backside sim and SD card cover and battery cover ..please inform me where I can get it ..

Anon, 11 May 2016Tbh This phone is probably the best i have ever owned, it h... moreBest phone ever. design is just beautiful. i have it for 6 years now. and only problem was after 5 years battery needed to be replaced. du to lack of front camera i will replace it with htc 10.

  • Anon

Tbh This phone is probably the best i have ever owned, it has lasted me at least 5-6 years and i have have dropped it soo many times yet it still works great. I have dropped the phone on concrete on its screen (face) numerous times and no visible cracks, only a few little scratches here and there otherwise the screen almost looks brand new. The only thing is it was hard finding phone cases for this especially since most phones in my country are either Samsung or Apple, hence why it got damaged so much over the years. The other thing is that the body is quite smooth therefore making it slippery to hold.