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  • AnonD-5816

I think its weird that i cant accept files via bluetooth. But i can send from my device..what is wrong.

  • CapreeceBaabyXx

LL, 19 Apr 2011Just got new HTC Desire battery life seems a little short six ho... moreI Think It Is Normal. Because I Am Always On It Non stop runs Put Fast sort Of annoys Me though. Hah!

  • AnonD-27

AnonD-5904, 14 Apr 2011did it... but still battery life only last 7hours. HTC Sense HTC... moreJz switch off the data connection , gps, and disable auto sync and auto brightness. Jz auto sync the weather and feeds will make you a phone with at least 18 hours batterynlife,,

  • AnonD-27

clive, 16 Apr 2011i took the Desire HD on a upgrade in March. I had 4 new phones a... moreDude,nt E7 please, the battery is smaller den desire hd,
What I advised you is, when you are nt using yr phone, jz switch off the data connection and gps. And dun let yr facebook or twitter account sync the contacts frequently, instead, I manually sync d contact and auto sync those feeds. The most important is, disable auto brightness, it rili drain d battery

  • Bert2662

AnonD-6306, 16 Apr 2011The phone has a really nice screen and the size seems just right... moreNeither me meet this prob, instead, my desire hd is seriously smooth, I run angry bird, rio, pes 2011 and nfs shift, and the phone is still very smooth, jz with a bit bit lag as those games consume ram, xD!! And, typically android phone doesn't need task killer. It would jz make yr phone slow. Try to unistall task killer, and had a reboot, you'll c d diffrrences

  • Mamba

Great Device, everything works well except for the battery (I charge twice a day) lol

  • TR

The Desire HD equipped with the 8MP Camera, but the image quality is very bad if taken from this 8MP camera


I need an opinion. Can't decide between Nokia N8 and HTC Desire HD. I want a smartphone that runs fast and smoothly with wide variety of apps. The camera is very important as well.
What do you think?
Thanx in andvance!

  • AnonD-422

IbbY, 15 Apr 2011Give me your email Id will send you the swype file and use it wi... more SUP DUDE

Long time not see you and other , i was really busy with work . did i miss something here :P

i would like to ask you if you play GAMELOFT games on DHD , try them cause im sure you will like them cause is NO LAGG on our DHD which means we can enjoy playing the games on maximum .

guys here you can find GAMELOFT games for DHD :­esire-hd-games/

download and install apk file . and rest of game you have to download by using wifi .


  • AnonD-422

AnonD-1574, 19 Apr 2011Still no GB update :(. Anyone has any info about official releas... more NO . we was waiting for GB in first half of april . but now ... we are lucky if we get it on may :)

  • AnonD-1574

Still no GB update :(. Anyone has any info about official release of Android 2.3 ?

  • LL

Just got new HTC Desire battery life seems a little short six hours before I need to recharge any ideas is this a faulty phone or is this normal?

  • mnr

Anonymous, 17 Apr 2011Hi, im trying to decide between the htc desire hd and the desi... morenothing to warry about it .go for's better than DZ though the both are same price.

  • Sajib

Can i experience document (MS Word, excel, power point, PDF)? or office 2007? please reply and help.

  • Anonymous

can anyone say when is gingerbread coming out

  • lei

AnonD-6318, 16 Apr 2011With a daily use (some music, wifi, internet, calls 2g), how lon... moreWith that usages, I can easily get around 50-60% at the end of the day with my Desire HD. If you just know and willing to tweak around network settings, brightness and animations, especially when not in use (3G, Wifi, Sync etc.) But ofcourse, I am still charging my phone every night.

  • mangesh

it is really a great device.better than my previous galaxy s,except super amoled screen.

  • Anonymous

im trying to decide between the htc desire hd and the desire z. the desire hd has a better camera, processor and more ram (but im guessing it needs it with a 4.3 inch screen). While the desire z has a keyboard.
Any suggestions regarding which phone i should choose?

  • AnonD-5816

AnonD-6318, 16 Apr 2011With a daily use (some music, wifi, internet, calls 2g), how lon... moreonly 24 hours for me....

  • gabriel

hello everyone.i own a brand new desire hd and i must say it is great.i was afraid about the baterry life due to the bad reviews i've read,but as it turned out there's nothing to worry.i can say that it's the same like my galaxy s.great screen and ui,superb camera,very fast,way faster than galaxy s,no lag and no freezing,wich my galaxy gives me at least 2 times a day.excelent build quality,great audio with a pair of good headphones,not that great on loudspeaker though,excelent call quality,the best i have ever had on a phone,miles ahead galaxy s,very good preinstalled apps,superb screen ,very bright,very crisp,altough it's a bit hard to get used with after using the superamoled.all in all would highly recommand this piece of art to anyone who want's a real flagship device.for me it's better in all ways than the galaxy s though i like that one too.