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  • DB

arif, 02 Feb 2011this phone bad battryTo prolong BATTERY life:
1) Disable WI-FI ( not unless you need it)
3) Avoid using LIVE WALLPAPER
4) Select GSM instead of 3G (not unless you need 3G)
5) Disable BLUETOOTH
6) Download the application called QUICK SETTINGS - to manage your connections easily

Everything will be sweet.

Have fun ... Goodluck!

  • DB

craigy33, 02 Feb 2011Hi Guys, I recently just got the Desire HD and I was wanting ... moreJust disable the background data (Accounts/Sync). That's all you need to do.


  • craigy33

Hi Guys,

I recently just got the Desire HD and I was wanting to know how do I stop applications (multi-tasking) running in the background so there not draining the battery. I know I can restart the phone and kill apps but I don't want to be doing that everytime I"m finished using the phone.



  • egasso

i have this phone 5 days, got it on three (3) , and i can say that battery is poor, im browsing a lot, even now im posting with phone, wifi, and lcd requires a lot of power, it runs out in half of the day, but ill try use only texting, calling and 3g and ill see how is it.

  • Anonymous

Guys this is the must have phone and the best OS

  • rebel

niklex, 02 Feb 2011Tried today both Desire HD and Galaxy S. Galaxy is like a cheap ... moreyeah i had similar feelings about it .galaxy is very good phone with best display at all but design is somehow boring.i played with galaxy for a while but i chose hd.galaxy has better battery life cos stronger bat. and not such thirsty display,amoled,hd over galaxy:design of flagship,metal body,8mp,htc sense

  • felicia

I'm having problem with auto rotate screen. When I tick the option, my screen will be landscape and no longer portrait even if I put my phone portrait. How to solve it? If i untick it, the phone definitely will stay portrait even if I put it on landscape. Kindly help.

  • vipin

0v0, 02 Feb 2011guys, jus check in the Market for an application named: (Juic... morehi, i am getting my new desire by nxt week, its on the way in post. can u tell me frm where i can get tht software which u hav mention.

  • niklex

Tried today both Desire HD and Galaxy S. Galaxy is like a cheap plastic, not bad, but don`t give me a feeling of holding a flagship phone. HTC is way better, solid, bit heavy, but ok. Another bad thing about Samsung is that it started to lag when I tried it.

  • arif

this phone bad battry

  • arif

this phone bad battry

  • frostman

halo. i am thinking of getting this beast. A lot of these beasts running the android os. Was thinking of getting the arc when it comes out on 02 but after seeing this I might just go get it on a cheap contract. Whats the battery life like? Will it be a better choice to wait for the arc or one of dem samsung phones coming out soon think its the s2. Suggestions would be highly appreciated, thank you!

  • Khan

Hi everyone,
i am getting this phone in next 2 days,gonna be my first android phone, i use windows mobile rite now.
my question is (1) application when we closed in android phones does it close completly or they run at the backround.(2) using task manager or killer effects the phone system or it just helps in shuting the app completly, is it required to use this applications.

Plz any1 who knws about this issues, help me out.

  • 0v0

guys, jus check in the Market for an application named:

(Juice Defender)

it maintain ur device with better battery life.
I am using it & i feel noticeable battery improvement.

it does not kill app. but works according to ur usage.
very intelligence app.


  • DaMan

felicia, 02 Feb 2011Hi all. Need your great help here. I just got my HDH yesterday. ... moreIt'll take a few days for your battery to reach normal batterytime. Just keep using it. Apps that aren't active and doesn't show up in the statusbar aren't using the battery even though they might appear in the running apps list. There are task killers on Android Market but I would avoid those.

  • 0v0

The battery is great with me. 3 days of normal use with wi-fi when needed & playing around...very happy with the device...


  • ana

when charging the hd desire, do both orange lights come out or just 1 light?

  • Anonymous

While buying, how one can know whether phone is unlocked or not??

  • Ashish

Can anyone suggest me a shop in Mumbai where I can get this phone origional at best price with warrenty.

  • Pizza

I have the follow questions: can I make video calling by Desire HD? Also what about the memory encluded -when I asked in some phonemarket (in China), they told me that this phone doesn't has a memory encluded?!