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  • phones fan

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2010It will be same price as iphone 4 n i will say go for iphone4. H... morecan you give us the link for video recording comparison between desire hd and iphone 4?

  • phones fan

Engineer Man, 24 Sep 2010This phone is using a Scorpion 1GHz CPU in the snapdragon chipse... morenokia n8 took to much time since its announcement and still not released yet,and by the time the n9 becomes ready for release htc and another companies would have released more powerful phones than desire HD and n9.

  • Engineer Man

This phone is using a Scorpion 1GHz CPU in the snapdragon chipset. It's a 45nm SOC. The only problem I have with this Second Gen QSD8X55 is it's poorer XGa Display Support at 1024x768 pixels over the First Gen QSD8x50 WXGA 1280x720 pixels.

The good news is that this Second Gen QSD8x55's GPU is high-performance GPU - up to 41M triangles/sec and 245M 3D pixels/se with dedicated 2D Open VG graphics hardware over the QSD8x50 First Gen which carried only a measly 22M triangles/sec and 133M 3D pixels/sec.

The screen is S-LCD. S-LCD with 16 million colours is very nice. Also I like the way HTC never mention the huge speaker bar across the top of the phone. Despite having no HDMI, it has a HTC connector port for non DLNA t.v's which is nice. Another downer tho is the poor Internal memory.

That's a shame though. I might wait for the Nokia N9 considering it should finally with Meego get the higher res display with 0.3" less screen estate plus amoled, maybe even dual core cpu, at least 1GHz, 64GB internal memory + external MicroSD 32Gb support.

The HTC Desire has some real innovative useful features from remote control etc, & some abilitites from Android 2.2. Some ingenius ways to silence calls, detect when in bag, lower vol when you flip it up.

This phone is made out of aluminium aswell. I would like to hear HTC mention the stereo loudspeaker bar across the top lip of the phone. Is it in league with good sound in comparison to the best music phones out there esp frm Nokia.

I do like the Android UI & the HTC Sense Ui has been luring me for ages. Generous amount of Physical RAM aswell as long as loads of it is not used for the OS meaning in real terms having lot less available free ram as some of the older HTC's people lost loads of RAM prob to HTC OS, Widgets, Sens UI etc... being RAM guzzlers.

  • JosephCPK

Two concerns:

1. IMO, HTC android phones could certainly benefit with more RAM
2. battery life.

Looks like a good phone.

  • loft

Too bad this won't include AT&T 3g frequencies... :(

  • Anonymous

What, you'll need to charge it every 45 minutes??? Battery is a joke!!!

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]The reason is why u want to show ur personal friend to the world when u r out and about?? U call her when u on bed or when u want to show ur child playing like its commercial. It can also call to ipod touch which is owned by 150million ppl

  • Anonymous

Logez Dev, 23 Sep 2010When is it going to be sold in Malaysia???! Can't wait! Thank go... moreIt will be same price as iphone 4 n i will say go for iphone4. HTC mic sucks. Check video recording comparison with iphone. apps are simply better for ios

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2010I don't really see this as much of a problem. We have had two ca... moreWhy video calling did not take off? 3G is not fast enough and wifi was not that fast or implementing wifi in mobile in that days is expensivee. Now wifi is fast enough to make video call and apple picked up and make it big when everyone forgot about it. It is not necessary?? What if ur girlfriend goes different college and u want to videocall her when u using toilet (nothing dirty lol)?? u wanna hold laptop or iphone? What if u want to show ur kid playing?? moving laptop to his motion or iphone?

  • Logez Dev

When is it going to be sold in Malaysia???! Can't wait! Thank god i didnt buy th Desire yet.. fuhh.. :)
Somebody pls answer my question! Thanks! God bless!

  • Anonymous

im sure this phone will be a big hit here in korea... huge screen + android * top specs= perfect.

  • Official

It is not SLCD. It is ordinary LCD screen. I just spoke with HTC representative.

  • Amit

i guess it dosen't has SLCD ???

  • Saurav

Is there a way for pre ordering it in India? I wanna get it and I wanna be the first one. I just loved this device...Come on hTC bring it here ASAP

  • ss

Help guys please tell does it support swype or not. .Ay

  • ALonZo

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2010I don't really see this as much of a problem. We have had two ca... moreI dunno about you, but phones in the 1990's didnt have even 1 camera let alone 2 cameras! But I do agree the video calling camera is not high priority!

  • toto

with regards to 2.2 and moving apps to sd card. Not all apps can be moved it is up to the developer of the app. I have a desire with 2.2 and it is very frustrating when i still run out of memory

  • Anonymous

no dvix , avi.. but ram 768.. it's unique

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2010HTc evo $g has 1500 mAh and this phone has 1230mAh battery?????That's because this phone has the upgraded cpu and gpu which have a lower power consumption, HTC are claiming that this phone will have 20% more battery life than the original Desire.

  • dan-2711

Jonathan, 23 Sep 2010Agreed 110% agreed!!!I agree my past 6 Phones have had front cameras and i never used them i curently have the dell streak and the only reason why my front camera gets used is because my Grilfriend uses it as a mirror thats it but its prety pointless in my eyes i dont think video calls will take off any time in the neer feuture