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  • AnonD-15533

Salman, 28 Jul 2011This phone sucks, big time. You can not do much with this lousy ... moreHey Salaman Salam. why HTC HD& is not good? i am going to buy it man. please explain me what is the problem?

  • Sam

Can somebody tells me how can I update my HTC HD7 sofrt ware as it is announce on Zune that the was an update on HTC HD7. However when i was trying to get update is says Error Code 80181197?

I look forward to hearing from you.



  • Salman

This phone sucks, big time. You can not do much with this lousy piece of crap. My advice - do not ever buy windows phones. Blue tooth is of no use, u can not send or receive files, damn, u can not even pair with ur laptop. Can not download music, marketplace is not available in all countries. Without all these smart phones features, it is an absolutely useless phone.

  • T-MAN

does anyone know if u can get the wifi hotspot on htc hd7?

  • s

why you do not made secondary camera in mobile its essential ,because now the 3G and 4G net work is available then how we can use these net work.

  • J-ala

Do you really need to pay for each Application that you download in Win 7 or is there a plenty of Free Applications ?

  • jhon zeiss

Its good phone but we should pay for any usual on any smart phone :(

  • sarfaraz

I brought this phone frm dubai. But I can't access the marketplace. It says marketplace is not available in this country/region. What should I do? Help me out guys.pls

  • Mujtaba

How can you send Pdf and other office files to your HD 7?
Please help!!

  • Anonymous

I am not happy with the Windows 7. Please can any one advise whether I can change my operating system to windows 6.5 (currently user of HD7). Kindly provide the details. Thanks

  • Anonymous

it is a quite good model....but everything have positive points also have bad sides......its blue tooth device is not supported to any other cell phone....its not easy to transfer files to it....anyhow otherwise its a good device..

  • shayan

This os (WP 7)is an useless and very restricted.
No file manager, No Bluetooth for send & receive file, no handwriting detector, no java supported even I can't send directly my pdf & office files to my hd7.
In fact there's no os on my hd7.most of phones with no os doing better than this!!!

  • Annonymous

own this phone for few days ago. wondering bluetooth are not working to pair with my laptop.

any solution?

btw, is there any suggestion apps for this phone? thanks

great looking phone

  • mmuntean

polaroidfleece, 13 Jun 2011Is it possible to upgrade an HTC HD7 8GB phone to a 16/32GB with... moreYes it is.checkout xda forums to see what model of microSD cards are working with it and buy one, then go to a GSM repair center (not HTC) and they will change the microSD card inside. I have done this myself with Trophy 7 from 8GB to 16GB, but it's tricky, parts are very sensitive that's why you should go to a GSM service store.

  • mmuntean

Great looking, big screen, lag free OS but that's the problem, the OS is very very limited. You can't do much with it.WinMo 6.5 users will be very disappointed.if you want a candy music/gaming device is for you, if you want a smartphone do not buy it, it has nothing that is common to a smartphone.

  • jerry

am having problem with my bluetooth, i can't recieve any data throug my bluetooth

  • Anonymous

I have this phone the htc hd7 is a nice stylish phone with it's nice massive 4.3inch LCD display the only downside is the battery life nd flash support , this phone is simply amazing

  • san

It's a good phone regardless of battery life. It's so beautiful. Nice phone.:-)

  • CJ

raj, 12 Jul 2011there is no good window phone 7There is, the HTC Mozart is the best by far. It beats all the phones for everything you get, I own the HTC HD7 and well I think its the best due to the internet speed and the huge screen thats why I got it, if you want one for battery life camera and so on the Mozart is best

  • Ehsan

I have had this phone for a couple of months by now.generally speaking its stylish and easy to use with an outstqnding UI.but it has its own downsides to including:no vpn support,no flash support,poor support for video formats,u cant load documents via usb or wireless connection.if u can bear these lacks then its a nice phone to have.specially the zune player on the phone is a great app for music lovers.choose wise