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  • HTC HD7 fan

nana, 10 Jul 2011Best phone.....believe meyep i compared it to the HTC HD7S and adding up the differences The HTC HD7 beat its add on by battery

  • raj

there is no good window phone 7

  • AnonD-13546

are there proxy settings for Wi-Fi in HTC HD 7???? reply soon!!!

  • nana

Best phone.....believe me

  • kak

can we use this phone in memory storage mode?
means can we copy files on phone memory other way through Zune?

Plz reply, m looking forward to buy a windows phone 7.

  • Tilak

my problem is HTC HD7 gets hot while using it or while charging it it normal or i should take it to a service center....

Thank you
please help.

  • AnonD-13084

Dudes its like the iphone.
you need to download zune to connect you htc hd7 to your pc.

zune is like itunes. you can use it to sync movies songs or pictures to your htc hd7 and also update your windows phone software.

  • mizo0ooo0o

Dudes Its like the Iphone you need to download zune to connect your htc hd7 to your pc.\
Zune is like Itunes but for windows phone 7

  • AnonD-13074

greatgeo, 26 Jun 2011how do i set mp3 as my ringtone on this phone plsSadly, you cant that is the only down side to this phone

  • asad

i want to creat database application using sqlserver 2005 and is possible to in this cell phone

  • byuri

Too much limitation. I can't browse all downloaded files but the songs and videos

  • jaymin

i have htc hd7 and my hd7 is nt conect to pc pleas tall me how can conect to the pc this phine

  • Anonymous

how is it's bluetooth?is it connect easily to other phones?like nokia;motorola and etc...

  • AnonD-2686

:-), 02 Jul 2011Hi friends.I have htc hd7 and I can not o open pdf files. How ca... moreDownload acrobat reader in zune market place

  • :-)

Hi friends.I have htc hd7 and I can not o open pdf files. How can I make that? Who can help me

  • Queen

Prior to switching to T-Mobile's HD-7, I was using Sprint's Blackberry Curve. I was so over the backberry I gladly welcomed the HD-7. My personal experience is that the screen is too sensitive. If I touch the screen with my cheek, it disconnects the calls (or it could be the "death grip" from youtube). I am not happy with the limited selection of apps that are available. I love love love pandora and have been unable to get it to work. (That is the reason I landed at this site.) I HATE that it does not have a external memory card slot. I do like that it has a lot of internal memory. I like how fast it is and the wi-fi capabilities. I like the design of the phone although it's still too new to get the cool covers/cases. I love how it links facebook photos to the pictures link.....

  • Anonymous

blackangel, 29 Jun 2011I love HTC HD7 phone but am having problems with it,I can't conn... moreYou cant conect it with other bluetooth (nokia, samsung, sony etc.)only with other HTCs...

  • blackangel

I love HTC HD7 phone but am having problems with it,I can't connect the Bluetooth with my other fone.its keeps telling me couldn't connect or not supported .i can't also download and install some stuffs online.pls help me cos its really crazy.

  • wavelength

i need you guys to help me out. i like hd7 but hd2 is more portable. which one do i go for

  • greatgeo

how do i set mp3 as my ringtone on this phone pls