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  • Tokssy

Anybody know of a turn by turn sat nav for UK on HTC windows 7

  • man mohd

Got this phone last 2 week; think it is a great phone especially the new OS from MS.

  • Anonymous

ya its look nice .......but its same like windows 7???and is it work like windows laptop...?both operating are same???

  • Dodge

Initial reactions are good. Phone looks and feels nice, set-up and software update slick, sync and any kind of pc type stuff all simple, easy and automatic....SWEET!

But then the problems start to show their face....
No ring tones an issue cos all the included ones are super-toss!! All the alarms and txt tones are lame, and too subtle and quiet - Barely hear them in my pocket. No file explorer. Easy set-up rapidly becomes ZERO options to change anything!! As an phone connects as a bluetooth audio device to my car stereo, but not as a phone! The only options for bluetooth in the settings are "on" or "off". Can't turn off visibility, can't delete a paired device or set it as a hands free or audio device, can't slect auto connect...just "on" or "off". Sort it out Microsoft!!!!!!!

Now this is really all software issues so about the fone...

Screen not as accurate as it could be resulting in typos followed by seven presses to then highlight the word in and correct it!!
Battery life ok but if you a heavy user, carry your charger!
Picture and processor etc fine. Net through wi-fi very slick and browser works well. Nothing amazing.

Win7 tiles are good but would prefer an extra side page with folders to organise stuff rather than the massive list. More customisation too would be good eg change pictures of tiles, resize tiles, etc

Overall a good fone and I like the general ease and quick use of the software for messaging etc but A LOT of basics missing from OS. BIG UPDATE NEEDED NOW PLEASE!!!

  • arjun haritsa

Anonymous, 20 Apr 2011Can HTC HD7 be formatted and then windowsphone 6.5 or 6 can be i... moreno cant able to get back for wm6.5/6..
but you can change it to android perfectly..
Xda developers are on the way in relese of android ROM to this worst gadget..

  • Anonymous

tjay, 18 Apr 2011i cant browse with my phone. need phone settings for mtngo to mtn dude i did the same

  • Debbie

alann, 24 Mar 2011Hi friends, how can I copy my contacts no. on my sim card to yhi... moreGOOD LUCK! Couldn't figure it out I just returned it!

  • Debbie

Simon Grech, 25 Mar 2011I own the HD2 for over a year and i never managed to transfer a ... moreI agree with you. The HD2 phone is super easy to use, beautiful screen and pictures, but freezes too much. If it could work a little faster and fix the freezing, it's perfect. SO EASY! I was offered the HD7 in exchange (after another freeze) and CANNOT deal with WP7!!!!! Send it back after trying to figure it out for a few hours!

  • Debbie

Anonymous, 20 Apr 2011Can HTC HD7 be formatted and then windowsphone 6.5 or 6 can be i... moreWOW!!!! I just got my HD2 replaced by the HD7 and can't stand it either! Doesn't meet my needs either and was thinking I was crazy.

  • Anonymous

Can HTC HD7 be formatted and then windowsphone 6.5 or 6 can be installed??
Please Please Answer this question.Because windowsphone 7 did not meet my needs.
Many thanks

  • Anonymous

I am very regret for buying it,I do not advise anyone to buy it unless it is seen as a device by computers in order to shift the data between them as HD 2.

  • Anonymous

junulrik, 11 Apr 2011When HTC HD7 was released last year I was skeptical about the un... moreI agree 100% with your comment that htc hd7 would be a best phone to use in near future....

  • tjay

i cant browse with my phone. need phone settings for mtn

  • Dpassapera

Anonymous, 15 Apr 2011Is it possible to send songs with Bluetooth? I heard that it is ... moreYou cant send music by blutooth phone to phone but you can use bluetooth hearphoes thats

  • hd7

can I ask that when you turn on the Bluetooth how is it possible that you let other devices find you? many thanks.

  • Anonymous

Is it possible to send songs with Bluetooth? I heard that it is a problem

  • Anonymous

azad, 14 Apr 2011how can l get copy paste or changing to android?Copy and paste is now on the phone. It came with an update a couple of weeks ago.

  • Dpassapera

Anonymous, 13 Apr 2011 I'm from Israel and acquired htc hd7 I wanted to know how can ... friend, you must download in your pc a program name it zune. Hd7 you can not use it as mass storage device, so the only way is to use zune, wich one is dificult and not very useful, since you can only upload videos, music or photos.
For games you have to go to market place in your phone or to xbox app, you must know that in market place you dont have a lot to download in this moment and free apps are very simple and few available...

  • n900mixalot

device only supports wma ringtones. no mp3 ringtones.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-5997, 12 Apr 2011how can i connect my HD7 phone to the Internet Explorer. i am in... moretake your phone to glo office for manual configuration but if you are an mtn subsciber, the gprs settings in on mtn website.