HTC October financial report shows another revenue crash

Michail, 07 November 2019

HTC is long past its glory days and while the company’s new CEO Yves Maitres claimed a comeback to the flagship smartphone market is planned in the near future, the latest financial results show the company is not in an ideal place right now

HTC October financial report shows revenues dipped by nearly 50%

Total revenue for the month of October came to just TWD 656 million ($21.6 million) which is a 48.6% fall from the previous month and 49.8% down from the same period last year. Over the past year, HTC focused on the midrange smartphone segment with devices like the Wildfire X and U19e. In addition to that, the company has continued its efforts in the VR, blockchain and 5G fields.

While the present isn't bright, HTC reiterated its commitment to bringing a 5G flagship “when the time is right” as detailed by Maitres. Until then we'll just hope that everything works out for the storied Taiwanese brand.

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  • Anonymous
  • 07 Dec 2019
  • 63y

Yes, agree with supporting HTC despite their inconsistent phones. I've owned multiple HTC phones, despite some lousy ones. But, have have had some great HTCs: the M1 and U11 are the BEST and most enjoyable phones, for me. To HTC: you have still h...

SD 865 next year and 3.5mm jack, it will sell like it is Christmas every day, lol.

u read it right! :p

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