HTC One (M8)

HTC One (M8)

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  • Anonymous

Is the screen on m8 better or same with htc one?

  • AnonD-248928

Hello Dear,
Never Fear,
HTC here... :)

  • buddy

sombou, 29 Mar 2014Which one should I go for M8 or 5s tell me which is easier to use.if u r intrested in android specs and apps go for htc but in iphone 5s some apps are limited........choose ur way

  • AnonD-234697

sombou, 29 Mar 2014Which one should I go for M8 or 5s tell me which is easier to use.Go for m8 ...sense 6 is super fluid..m 8 has better screen..higher resolution...better speakers..awesome frnt camera...satisfactory rear 4.4.2 is quite stable and smooth...u get 2x times better battery life...also build quality and design is crd slot has added functionality...

  • sombou

Which one should I go for M8 or 5s tell me which is easier to use.

  • AnonD-168372

Good looking phone but stupid camera.

  • AnonD-115068

hey . for anyone even having doubt on the speaker of htc m8 i suggest go and see the loudspeaker test in the gsmarena review only ,it says it perfoms even better than without beats.and i also see jealous z2 fans . guys htc m8 is the best , i have bought two , one for myself and wife. the m8 performs perfectly well

  • night visit

Just ordinary speakers no more beat by dre. Z2 speaker is more powerful than it by yourself

  • Anonymous

i got my m8 yesterday.i must say its the perfect phone..absolutely awesome.battery life , speakers ,front cam, build quallty , luxury premium feeling , sense 6 is super smooth , awesome gaming and awesome screen . back camera though not the very best but still shoots above average and satisfactory shots all the time,lowloight shots are the best . dot view case though expensive is the most innovative and helpful ever.get this phone guys u will luv it.

  • AnonD-234697

AnonD-234697, 29 Mar 2014Hey troller...first of all the z2 speaker sounded harsher...and ... moreSorry guys...hit the submit button my mistake.....contiuing....u will love the m8...the camera performs well in lit conditions and in low light its excellent.......the matal chassis is fantastic...gesture works perfect...and also if u wanna throw another 50 bucks..get the dot view case...features are best....and z2 fannies..get out of the forum and stop misleading customers away from m8...just bcoz z2 is launching later...the fannies are trying hard to restrict sales of m8....

  • AnonD-234697

AnonD-116639, 29 Mar 2014you go and watch youtube video of htc one m8 vs sony Z2.....Z2 s... moreHey troller...first of all the z2 speaker sounded harsher...and why are u here in m8 forum...go suck on sony forum...i hav bought the phone..the phone absolutely flies through..never a lag or problem...people who are deciding on buying m8..o suggest u see pocketnow review...the reviewer says " probably the smoothest , fluidest android skin we ever used" also u can go the store and see how the m8 performs...never stuttering...i also happened to see the review of z1compact in pocket now and the reviewer said and showed that how google maps,google chrome and other apps constantly crashed....even thougg the z1 c has a 20mp cam..u can see the noise and ovrrexposed shots......guys cheatin or no cheating...u can go urself..give a few min on the sure u will l

  • AnonD-116479

Anonymous, 29 Mar 2014No beats audio, what a shamelack of Beats Audio is not a big deal. Since HTC phones have the best music quality.

  • Anonymous

No beats audio, what a shame

  • james109

I just got my M8 and any this is sexy. The best part is that it is waterproof. Also i love there boomsound speakers. They're better than ever. Front facins camera is the best. The metal body looks beautiful. The duo camera is good for normal photography. For better photos i have my cannon dslr. Worth every buck.

  • AnonD-116639

AnonD-234697, 28 Mar 2014Listen bro...go on youtube and check the speaker test of xperia ... moreyou go and watch youtube video of htc one m8 vs sony Z2.....Z2 stereo speakers are more powerful than htc one m8.....Z2 is more louder than htc.....even though Z2 is a water proof device still managed to beat this boom sound.....BTW!!! Sony is not a cheater like cheated over benchmarks......your so called metal boy is cheating.......lolllzzz­cores-raise-eyebrows-could-it-be-cheating/

  • Slayer

Jeabn, 28 Mar 2014Not even close...their speakers full with noise, laggy, not loud... moreBe objective fella! All the Xperia Z series are great phones. I was going to wait for the Xperia Z2 but bagged me the gun metal grey M8 today from carphonewarehouse! Why you may ask? I genuinely believe the Z2 to be a better phone especially with water resistance etc and not just water resistance but all round. However, the Sony is delayed (Sim Free) till May which is a big mistake so bought me a HTC One (M8). Sony can wait till my upgrade in October, sorry!

  • Iels2003

I got my m8 today and I just can say to all Samy pu....I boys stay away
It's a real man phone - it's not iPhone or Samy - it's a HTC
I have many phone , including m7 but this one is much better .
Now need to compare it's not a glass from Sony or plastic from lg and samsung .
Excellent buttery and absolutely great speakers camera is Okey it's just little les than on my Lg 2g , but by far better than Sony z compact ( plastic toys )
I don't compare it with 5s because it's not same calibre and the screen on m8 is better than 5s
For the moment - now competition .
Only one remark - the case what you get with phone is rubber , I already ordered niece one
Sorry people for my English ( i am from Belgium)

  • AnonD-231422

really hot and really good phone from htc
i like it so much the camera is average and for me enough but i hope they change in m8+ to sell better for htc
i buy this great design and super beauty phone
the lcd even better than m7 wow i love the m7 screen so this screen kill me

  • Jeabn

night visit, 28 Mar 2014i disagree with you, htc has worst camera on flagship phone,wate... moreNot even close...their speakers full with noise, laggy, not loud enough and keep crashing using facebook messenger recorder. HTC's speakers are the best

  • Anonymous

Is it true that power button is even worse than in m7 ?