HTC One (M8)

HTC One (M8)

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HTC m8 doesn't have beats sound enhancement

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Mobilemaster, 12 Feb 2014If it looks as the HTC One, it is not good. HTC is not Appl... moreHTC ONE design is flawless and beautiful. Why do you people want change just for the sake of change when it is perfect the way it is ? Sometimes sake just for the sake of changing ruins things. Unless you have issues with yourself and you want your phone to look different so others can see that it is a new phone for you to brag and not the older one i see no reason overhauling a design which does it job and it superior to others.

If it looks as the HTC One, it is not good. HTC is not Apple. Maybe even Apple will change their design language after all those years.
The "no card slot" thing is not a good idea either, and maybe the "non replaceable battery" too, and the Ultra Pixel camera. If they will correct these things, they will have a bigger success. Sadly HTC is not doing well, so they need to change these things.