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  • shakes

Please, how do you press the menu to add status and access settings when you open the whats application?

  • ashish

cell is really good but in my cell network problem, hanging problem network problem is so much

  • Dume

I have this phone (6m). I didn't have any problem, everything work perfectly. I recommend this phone for everyone

  • AnonD-152040

confused between Xperia Sp , Xperia T nd htc one S....

which is better for longer use ???

  • shabaviz

Getting really hot and battry is a disaster.

  • Anonymous

Icecold, 01 Aug 2013The phone is amazing. Camera screen speed design everything.... ... moredude same problem here

  • PBJ

Hi One users ! Im about to bue this beautifull looking phone but i have heard somethings about HTC One series that they have alot of problems and users arent happy about that , but im not sure if "One s" has these problem too ?! SO if you have this phone pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaase HLP me and say if these rumers about One series are true or not , TnQ :)

  • Phoneguy

The best phone on the market tell this day....

  • Icecold

The phone is amazing. Camera screen speed design everything.... I just don't know why it doesn't run temple run smoothly

  • jashawn

The phone is the best ever no problems with anything it is awsome

  • AnonD-169922

eric, 26 Jul 2013piece of crap phone.... freezes, no external memory, needs to be... moreHi, i have the one s for a wile now... I don't have any problems with freezing or what ever.... My battery can go for about a day and a half (with wifi 3g bluetooth enabeld) maybe there's just something wrong with your one s :(

  • AK

Anyone who wants to buy this ph should also take a look to Sony Xperia SP which is simply awesome.

  • Anonymous

eric, 26 Jul 2013piece of crap phone.... freezes, no external memory, needs to be... moreMy friend none of that is true for a genuine htc one s...I have this phone for more tham a year and I have restarted it 2-3 times no more and batety us good for a day or two till now with extensive use if talk and internet ..check if you have been sold a cheap copy...many of them on the market...

  • eric

piece of crap phone.... freezes, no external memory, needs to be reset at least twice a day. battery is fair, unless you are doing anything other than talk and text...then its good for about 2 hours max...

do yourself a favor...stay away from the one s

  • AnonD-98205

AnonD-33134, 24 Jul 2013How to check the processor its s3 or s4 on mobile?S4 versions is HTC One S Z520e and S3 versions are Z560e

  • Anonymous

Anil, 21 Jul 2013Excellent Phone, bought it for 21,999 /-. Gaming and Sound quali... moreYou have a s4 version and your temple run lag please tell me and if not tell me the fix

  • AnonD-167349

Do not waste your money on this phone (like I did). Mine is with S3 processor, and it gets HOT, really hot within 20 minutes of usage (more than 41 degrees C). The battery is too small and if you have to use it normally and regularly I doubt that it can last for a day. Oh, and as I mentioned in another post - NO JB 4.2. What annoys me most, is that much weaker phones run on 4.2, but the apparent policy of HTC is to make you buy a new one. I may go for a new one, BUT IT WILL NOT BE AN HTC, NO MORE!!!

My goes for sale, it has 22 months of warranty left and no traces of use whatsoever!

  • AnonD-167349

-No, thank you! I'm done with HTC!

Thank you for contacting HTC.

Kindly note that we can confirm that the HTC One S will not receive further Android OS updates and will remain on the current version of Android and HTC Sense. We realize this news will be met with disappointment by some, but our customers should feel confident that we have designed the HTC One S to be optimized with our amazing camera and audio experiences.
Note that if you know anyone with HTC One S updated to 4.2 version, they are running an unofficial version of the software. HTC confirmed that the 4.2 version will not be released for that device.
Regarding the processor, it is easy to differentiate the two devices by checking the model number on the box. HTC One S z520e is the one with the 1.5 processor, while z560e has 1.7 processor inside.

  • Sam

I'm planning to buy this phone, just wanna ask does it lag while playing games like temple run,subway surfers and agent dash,also how's the battery life and how much storage is user available in 16 GB.
Thanks in advance.

  • AnonD-33134

How to check the processor its s3 or s4 on mobile?