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  • AnonD-48887

AnonD-19414, 03 Jun 2012Changing processor from S4(1.5Ghz MSM8960) to S3(1.7GHz MSM8260)... moredoes this change in processor from s4 to s3 will also be "implemented in ONE S MODELS which are shipping to INDIA" u know regarding this doubt..please reply...& when is the relase date of HTC ONE S in india....does this change in processors will effect the battery life & performance of the phone??????????

  • AnonD-19414

Changing processor from S4(1.5Ghz MSM8960) to S3(1.7GHz MSM8260) is the LAST NAIL IN COFFIN FOR ONE S.HTC has taken some really bad decision for which its one s model had to pay price.first one s had to launch globally at same time.second the price must be competitive.what even worse they completely change chipset to a downgrade version of which already people know its results.HTC IS MERELY FOOLING THE PEOPLES.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-56684, 02 Jun 201216 gigs is not a low internal memory. Still micro sd card suppo... morei mean the other HTC PHONES out there in the MARKET,,,,,,very low internal mem,,,

  • AnonD-56684

unk, 27 May 2012I have purchased one of these phones its superb but the storage ... more16 gb internal memory doesn't mean u'll have all 16 gb for ur use.some space is occupied by the OS and the UI elements.
Use ur common sense.

  • AnonD-56684

AnonD-48887, 29 May 2012no dont go xperia p.... i checked that phone not looking nice...... moreXperia p has anadised aluminium body unlike rest of the 2012 xperia series.

  • AnonD-56684

tameme, 29 May 2012i really doubt that,,i think HTC PHONES,,,is a losser phones,,,l... more16 gigs is not a low internal memory.
Still micro sd card support should've been there.

  • Anonymous

I love to get one. HTC might be fixing the chip issue on the phone, rather wait than rush on the release and having the same chipping issue that other one s have.

  • vaz

AnonD-19414, 31 May 2012look like HTC is not interested in indian market so that they of... moreeven htc one x at 34000 avail at homeshop18

  • Anynomous

HTC one S has been delisted from the mobile store saying COMING SOON! Price is to be announced...

  • AnonD-19414

look like HTC is not interested in indian market so that they offer much higher price as compared to price in other market.if 33000 is price for ONE S than PAYING 38000 FOR SAMSUNG GALAXY SIII is not a bad deal because for extra paying you get world class mobile phone with great features

  • Anonymous

AnonD-56696, 29 May 2012HTC one S just got available on the mobile store's site.It's pri... moreThe website has removed the price and is now saying price to be announced.

Even the 8th june launch date has been changed to coming soon

  • Anand

The phone with its lack of SD card would have been nice if it supported USB On The Go but sadly it does not!!!!

  • Rahul

I read that the HTC will be priced at 33k and will be released in June.33k is a steep amount for a phone which has a vga front camera,non expandable memory and non removable battery.I'd like to from you all whether if this phone is worth the money,if not;can someone tell me any other alternatives.I am looking to buy my first smartphone in 2 weeks time and have ruled out s2 because its a year old.So please let me know soon.

  • manr

better to buy gs2 instead of buying one s not munch difference only htcsense difference

  • pramod

AnonD-34494, 28 May 2012is htc 1 s support video cal in 3g network android does not support video call in 3g

  • e3rfn

i jus got this phone, love it, so fast,
the only thing is the camcoder, it records till u take a snap shot then it hangs !!

  • tameme

i really doubt that,,i think HTC PHONES,,,is a losser phones,,,low internal memory!!

  • lkim

AnonD-48887, 28 May 2012htc one s gonna release on june 8th at a price of 33,000/- rs.. ... morethis phone should be around rs 28000 check e bay usa

  • AnonD-54689

AnonD-15469, 29 May 2012will wait for 2 mnths and hope the price comes down. the price i... moreWe are already waiting for this model from past 2 months. It is delayed. Now waiting for another 2 months is useless and senseless.

  • VladUK

AnonD-15469, 27 May 2012any user having problem like chipping of the colour of the phone... moreI bought the cover for my One S which covers back of the phone and sides, top and bottom of the phone are still uncovered and I don't have any chipping issues at all.