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  • rebound

HTC probably delayed the release of this phone in the Philippines and some other parts of the world 'coz it would cannibalize the HTC One X. For me the One S is the "just right" phone among the One series and most consumers prefer that "just right" feel on a phone.

  • jeneral22

Guys l think this phone is awesome.One thing you have to realise is that there is no phone which is 100% perfect to everyone.No matter how good a phone might be,there will always be people who find some other things not so perfect.So if u want to buy a phone don't stress too much about what other people think about your choice.HTC One S is just quietly brilliant.

  • louigi

I think this is definately the best of the HTC One series. It is super fast, super slim and has a decent battery life.

  • Hardik

Is this phone launched in singapore?

  • AnonD-52029

Anonymous, 20 Apr 201213GBexactly said

  • AnonD-52029

guys..... Pls tel me whether this wil be available in india..... Im very eager..... Thanx

  • Janusman

It is coming to Tmobile - which means the UMTS bands needs correction.. It doesn't have 1700 currently.

  • AnonD-51860

I own htc Evo Design 4G and now i am planned to change my phone, either Sensation XL or Amaze 4G or one S.

Here are my +ve opinions:-
In Sensation XL:
1.Screen Size is good 4.7"
2.Beats audio with headset (I am very fond of Music)
In Amaze 4G:
1. It's 4G phone
2. Dual Core
3. Dedicated Camera button
4. 1Gb Ram
In One S:
1.Dual Core
2.1Gb Ram
3.Beats Audio
4.AMOLED Display

Here are my -ve opinions:-
In Sensation XL:
1. No Dual Core
2. Ram is less than a Gb
3. Battery Power is only 1600 mAh
4. No SD card Slot
In Amaze 4G:
1. Beat Audio is missing
In One S:
1. Micro Sim only
2. though it's equipped with Beats Audio the headset is not Beats Dr.Dre one.
4. No SD card slot

I am Confused to buy which one????? please help me.. Thanks in advance

  • Dam

HTC One S Coming to T-MOBILE USA without contract $599.99 with contract $199.99

  • AnonD-22198

Anonymous, 21 Apr 2012htc philippines have released the One X and One V but not this p... moreThis device is delayed due to it's qualcomm s4 processor got some manufacturing problem. Google it up.

  • Anonymous

CRAZY4CHRIST, 11 Apr 2012This by far the best phone I have used. I just sold my iphone 4,... morefor your country maybe HTC is the best but for our country HTC not well recognize by many.. the only phone we know is samsung and iphone..hahaha.. and other local cp.

  • HTC1

i bought the htc one s in black, 2 days ago. i had to return it back to the store and get a new one, because of a material failure. but there was a surprice waiting. i got a full refund and not a new phone. the guys told me that htc is calling back all x (display problems) and s (material failure at the aluminium). is it true??

  • akuei...

Anonymous, 21 Apr 2012htc philippines have released the One X and One V but not this p... morei agree...i've been waiting for one s here in the philippines., acc0rding to a blog that i've read, it'll be internati0nally available on the 6th of may..well...lets just wait..a lil m0re

  • Anonymous

htc philippines have released the One X and One V but not this phone. i believe its beacuase they have still lots of stocks of sensation xe which this phone is suppose to replace. damn!

  • Anonymous

When is the htc one s availabile in singapore? the one x and one v is already available for two weeks already. anyone can tell me?

  • Anonymous

samjay, 19 Apr 2012hey guys.. anybody have heating issues with the One S? you know ... more13GB

  • Anonymous

HTC Locations share the same interface and maps like Route66, and also includes voucher for premium navigation that is voice guided navigation. In short, like Nokia Drive, but much more powerful. Offline navigation, downloadable maps, etc... So if you want to compare it, compare with stand alone GPS

  • Aman

adit, 19 Apr 2012Has this phone been released in India ?? And should I buy HTC on... moreOne v

  • Anonymous

Of course you're confused. They have so many models, you can't even choose, so you will probably go for the iPhone because it's easier. That's their mistake... too many models!!!

  • lol

Anonymous, 17 Apr 2012I have tried this phone, it's very nice indeed - falls into your... morejust because you man hood is bigger dosent mean its better, led screen is far better than the x's lcd screen. yes more pixels but ths does not mean it looks better at all. side by side the s screen looks more vibrant and colourful. hense the ref to bigger is best LOL you cant always say my phone wins it has more numbers on the processor and more gb storage. its dopwn to loads of factors. and im sure your loving the battery life. which i hear is dier on the x. so bigger is not always best and the s is still a massive contender. dont be taken in by the trap of the better the hardware the better the phone. many people are wasting money wanting the newest phone as it has a septagonal processor., this is why the econy is to crap . anyways the s is a great phone , small compact and powerfull.