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  • Foss

I'm happy that it is launching in India now. I read that here

  • Naveenjodhpur

when it will lunch & about near by price.

  • Kumar

Yet another phone to the Desire family. If you observe Desire , Desire S , Rhyme and now One V all are similar phones with minor tweak on the external shell and some up gradation in the software. Its time they need to bring some radical change- at least super amoled screen.

  • sur

AnonD-40600, 09 Mar 2012It doesn't have microsd card slotmicro sd slot given in the spec

  • Sham

AnonD-40600, 09 Mar 2012It doesn't have microsd card slotIt has Micro SD CARD Slot. The phone's curvy design at the bottom is not appealing, looks like an old model the phone's dimensions especially (H)height/length is more compared to other 3.7 inch screen phones.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-45027, 04 Mar 2012Same specs as my old HTC Desire. What the hell are they doi... moreThis has a better processor, a better screen more memmory, better camera and a bigger battery.

  • AnonD-45869

AnonD-40600, 09 Mar 2012It doesn't have microsd card slotthe ONE V has a MicroSD slot (up to 32GB)

  • AnonD-1504

AnonD-40600, 09 Mar 2012It doesn't have microsd card slotIt has micro sd card slot. Please check before giving inaccurate information.

  • AnonD-40600

filipino, 09 Mar 2012 The internal storage for the One V is very limited - all y... moreIt doesn't have microsd card slot

  • filipino

The internal storage for the One V is very limited - all you get is 4GB of non-expandable memory. -from your article...
If I would base on the specs above it is stated that the memory is expandable... I am a bit confused, please make it clear...Thank you...

  • Too cute

Itz ugly!

  • Autonomous

Looks like my phone of choices...
Thanks htc.
cant wait to get one v... V for victory, in future...

  • doodz

wow single core with 512 ram and no problem about Ice cream sandwich (ICS). But other phone have a higher spec than that is not compatible ICS version..till now i dont know the problem about latest version of android. its sucks.

  • htc

y not dual core ~ old tech ~ over price ~

  • justmytime

why theres no card slot...this is what apple in the past do right. are they cutting cost ..becoz samsung is now leading..

  • Anonymous

no radio????? it sucks

  • Zeeshan Anwar

Due to this handset ICS update will be delayed for desire s & desire HD. Otherwise there is no reason to launch this set. Feeling sad for desire hand set users.

  • Anonymous

Azhar, 27 Feb 2012The specs do not mention the presence of a GPU. Does this p... moreAlso about those questions of GPU, the HTC one v soposed to have one as it says in the snapdragon site. Because we know that the processor is single-core,1Ghz and its the second generation snapdragon so the only option is the msm8255 processor which has an andreo 205 GPU. If you want to check it your self then google:snapdragon.

  • Anonymous

There are some specs that aren't here or their are wrong
Ex. 1.the screen isn't TFT, it's super LCD 2 like in ONE X
2. The processor is an msm8255( better than HTC desire but same as desire s)
3.the screen has that Gorilla glass 2 on it

  • boyzepte

my next phone will me backdated phone which is has video call dialler on it... hey nowadays people are using video calling instead of voice calling
so be it HTC...i am not buying HTC no more unless you change yr spec.... i rather using my old phone n get asus tab as my 2nd choice of doing you know wat i mean