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  • jas

My phone's display went blank, please Tll me what to do

  • :)

maiturare, 13 Aug 2014i have htc one v, the problem i have with the phone is that, it ... moreclean all the junk files using clean master.....if still you are facing the problems like phone hanging and etc., take all your important data out of your phone, your SIM, and memory card and switch to factory will boost your phone speed by turning it into all new....please do not forget to save your data by transferring it to your laptop or desktop while applying this. otherwise you will loose all your important data.

  • mohit

one of the worst phone available......
contacts storage goes blank everyday for a minimum of 3 hours......u miss on all important work cos of that....
hangs like it is being punished.....
no worth for money........absolutely useless.....
worth buy for rs 2100....that too if u r a diehard fan of HTC>>>>>>>>>>>&­gt;>>>>>>

  • IMMu

my phone only have 1GB internal Memory

  • maiturare

i have htc one v, the problem i have with the phone is that, it pauses itself when ever i am watching or playing game with it.. why is it like that?

  • dxgf

my phone hanged up how to resolve it

  • immu

nj, 05 Aug 2014have been using it since 2 years now..and i found it really good... morehow much of internal memory in ur phone

  • Atul

A useless phone and full wastage of money. My lifetime mistake is buying htc. Super slow . Wtsaap not working. No application works. I realy feel htc should stop making phones n shd do sm other work where dy can do smyhing better
I feel cheated

  • Anonymous

iCENT, 03 Aug 2014this phone is too messed up, the phone ram is too low. it makes ... moreawsm phn

  • nj

have been using it since 2 years now..and i found it really good..specially the camera is awesome..after 2 years now i am having some probs

  • cisse

this device is not having Arabic Language,i'll be glad if i can fix this up.
anybody to help

  • iCENT

this phone is too messed up, the phone ram is too low. it makes the phone hang a lot.

  • Bik

Bitter experience in HTC one V. Very often the screen goes black when dialing and most of the apps are not responding.

  • hyperoceanic

The two problems that really bug me about this phone:

1: When you select a number from the dialler, the screen actually goes black. If you selected the number in error, then you have no way of cancelling the call. It also makes it difficult to end the call. This problem seems to be very widespread.

2: Applications not working. Even though I have disabled the Facebook application, the phone is unable to reliably run many of the inbuilt applications such as the web browser or Google Maps.

So, unsatisfactory as a smartphone, and pretty much a failure as a phone. Text messaging works OK.

On the basis of this example, I would be very cautious about buying another HTC smartphone.

  • Sandy

I am using this phone since 12 month, very bad exp. i have. Its the worst phone I have ever used. Pls dont take anyone. This is toooooo much slow.. Only its best feature is nice camera & Gorilla screen that's it.

  • Anonymous

not atall a good phone

  • peter

i am using HTC One v. i have meet many problems.
when i will connect with PC still mobile will switched off.

Any time RAM memory is full (Displayed).

My mobile Phone memory is free. Apps not installed phone memory.

very slow performance. When i unlock mobile phone characters (password) not enter. But keyboard is enable.

i want increase my RAM memory. Kindly help me.....

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  • sree

dear showing error report frequently

  • Tania

Anonymous, 04 Mar 2014Disadvantage Whatsapp issue..... slow connectivity... Lag a... moreThat about sums this phone up for me

  • xeniial

avinash, 09 Jul 2014HTC desire u mobile I experienced is worst ever in all aspects. ... moreAbsolutely correct. HTC One V is just a wastage of money. It can be used as a basic phone not as a smart phone.