HTC says they've made "a very, very big technological breakthrough" with Vive

Himanshu, 19 December, 2015

HTC CEO Cher Wang has claimed that the company has made "a very, very big technological breakthrough" with their Vive VR headset. She made the claim while speaking at the Vive Unbound developers forum in China yesterday.

The revelation came in the wake of the announcement that the headsetís launch is being delayed from December this year to April 2016. Commenting on the delay while speaking to Engadget, she said, "We shouldn't make our users swap their systems later just so we could meet the December shipping date." Pre-orders for the device will begin in February.

Although Wang didn't provide any details on the big advancement, she did say that it will be shown off at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January next month. She also said that aside from consumers, many major car brands, including Audi, will be installing Vives in their flagship stores for providing virtual reality test drive experience to customers.



Reader comments

  • Kirito

Yeah same here.... T_T

  • KapoorZ

Well.. never seen anything out of box from HTC... Hope this will break the record of nothing new... Fingers crossed...

  • D E

Let them have the first run in the end Sony will be laughing at them. Just like you using Sony controller to enjoy your gear vr.