HTC shows ‘U’ how to enable night mode on the HTC U Ultra

Enrique, 21 January 2017

HTC announced its new lineup of U devices, including the HTC U Ultra, late last week with a new image for HTC. After concluding its press conference in Taipei, HTC’s YouTube account was updated with a few new promo videos with sizzle videos and uplifting footage.

Yesterday, another video about the HTC U was uploaded, specifically on how to enable night mode on the HTC U. The video explains it all quite quickly with some questionable acting.

We think the best part is after the camera zooms into the phone at 0:12 seconds, the girl in the video had the laptop open to HTC’s U Ultra website. [They should have had it open on GSMArena’s spec page, if you ask me]

Given the nature of these videos, we may be able to expect there are more videos where this one came from, perhaps showing us another “neat-o feature” like the secondary display?

The HTC U Ultra was announced last week alongside two other HTC U devices. The U Ultra is spec’d like the LG V20 with its secondary display and QHD 5.7 inch display powered by a Snapdragon 821. The HTC U Ultra is currently available for pre-order in the US for $749 with units shipping in mid-March.



Reader comments

  • Codeplayer
  • 31 Jan 2017
  • pI@

Being a professional lighting designer, I can asure you that even if you translate it to warm white LED light, your brain still sees the blue peak. Nevertheless, melatoninine production is not that heavily relying on the warm/cold tone of light. Yes,...

  • Anonymous
  • 23 Jan 2017
  • 6jr

Forget it HTC, you suck. I don't even know how you manage to be around still. Who buys HTC in the year 2017? I mean HTC made sense back when everybody owned dumbphones, it was one of the few makers to dabble with smartphones, but now that every...

It's the second drag for more settings, no lags. And if you gonna hate and point out lag, don't do it when it comes to htc flagships. The lag is very rear :)

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