HTC Touch Diamond

HTC Touch Diamond

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  • michealnam

who know of anything better than this? hey! iPhone is out of question. maybe their 3g iphone will get a 50% behind diamond.

  • M S

This looks absolutely brilliant. Apple eat your heart out.

  • Anonymous

why is it that windows mobile phone is so damn expensive?

  • michealnam

With more than an edge of anxiety, i want to htc has now distinguished themselves from competitive brand. to say the highly tech diamond is only perfect will be an under statement. htc diamond has just set a pace which others might not be able to pursue. those who are notice when it comes to gadget, should not post irrelevant facts but rather seat and watch where htc is heading. you can even sell what you have in order to buy that which you want.

  • dream device, of cou

65k color only!?
it uses a mere 900mAh battery to power 528MHz Arm 11 CPU and VGA display!?
IMO, this is still far from a dream device...

  • Choupah

11,5mm !!! gps, wifi, processor 528mhz...

  • ario

i think it is the best phone ever made.

  • Jey

features is good but how about the precious built in GPS ? izit using SIRF STAR III LT chipset ? Nice resolution but how come it looks so rectangular ?

  • serkan

This is the dream device I have been waiting for. However, I hope it can survive more than 5-6 hours on active usage with that 900mAH battery...

  • Anonymous

Mmmm, no gsm quad band, no hspda triband, hsupa? (it claims hsupa, but at standard hsdpa uplink speed), no memory card slot (half rom for gps maps), low battery capacity (htc remarks optimased consumes, however, not because of own merits but WM 6.1 optimisation).
What were htc engineers thinking of?
Still waiting for the perfect pocket pc phone...

  • G

Awesome, yet another phone that ticks damn near all the boxes but some how all htc's manage to miss out a flash for the camera rendering them flawed at best...

  • HTC Rocks!!

Simply the perfect feature phone as far as i m concerned. The specs look great. Only problem seems to be the 900 mAh battery n certainly would burn a big hole in my pocket. This one's gonna be expensive..

  • Anonymous

wow there is a ot of nay sayers here. If you dont like the features, dont buy the phone, and dont complain about it.

This phone is perfect for me as i like using the touch keyboards, 4gb of memory is overkill and i dont care about a flash because i only use my camera phone at day time anyway (I have a real camera and an MP3 player so i dont really need ot use this as either) Also, HTC says the phone has better battery life than its other phones, so im guessing 900mwh is enough (technology does improve you know :)

  • Mak89

Not bad phone... well done HTC, but u messed up with not microSDHC, assumptions said there would be a microSDHC but this is not true, maybe on the HTC Touch Pro. This phone could have better than the iphone if they had sorted out the memory... u lost one more customer

  • SS

This is a very interesting phone. However,there are a few things that will prevent me buying this phone.
The plus: fast processor, better display/resolution, new interface, GPS, bigger memory, form factor. The minus: weak battery, lack of 3.5mm audio jack, card slot (thoose who say 4gb is enough think twice. Only the navigation software and maps will eat 2gb of memory, and soon you will find out that your multimedia needs will not fit in the remaining 2gb...). So, still not the phone I would jump to buy, but it is a nice step forward.

  • Anonymous

nice but surely will be fingerprint magnet.

  • Anonymous

no need card slot. 4 gb isn't enough for you?

  • Daniel

Stunning. Great pack of features into a small and light package. Will probably be awesome to surf the web with VGA resolution - HSDPA and wifi makes it even easier.

Only - is there really no card slot?!?

  • Tarek

This Phone is Amazing considered one of the best when it become available, it looks great and it has great features, may be the battery if it was little better it would has been perfect
and it has 4 GB memory why any one would need any Cards, the only problem is that i cant buy very expensive phones and that cell will be very expensive

  • Crawford-Cambodia

When nano battery cell is used, HTC should immediately put it in. Thanks.