HTC Touch Diamond

HTC Touch Diamond

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  • Ronald

This phone looks really promising. Unbelievable design, unusual for HTC in my opinion. Kind of resembles a Zune I think. I hope that theres support for a more powerful battery. Everything else seems great on paper, but people say the iPhone keypad is cramped and its a 3.5" screen, wonder how many will complain about this one? I also feel the screen could be atleast 3.5" being its all touch. Call me a fanboy but I'm spoiled by the iPhones bigger screen, and I hope that windows mobile will run adequately. 4GB should be enough for me considering ive only used a about 3GB on my iPhone.

  • rohit jain

1. how is this device diffrent or superior than apple iphone.
2. build in gps with a-gps
3. when will this be avalable in india

  • Anonymous

Checked no camera flash! How can this be justified. Surely a MAJOR deficiency?

  • Gracie

No camera flash?

  • Anonymous

dedicated camera button
check out pics on below link­h-diamond-fpr-en.shtml

  • v

anyone pls clear my doubt. what is the differences between a Built-in GPS and SiRF StarIII GPS?

  • An

The design is good and HTC did a good job.
The built in 4 GB is good enough, but when life runs, need of an extra slot will obviously come up ! The battery life is lesser, so GPS use should not be much with the phone, unless its plugged in..

Overall its good and a real good design - more beautiful we can say!

  • Soham

Its having qwerty keyboard like iphone, i believe this is much better than iphone. IPhone is too much sensitive phone, I ever had. It just dropped once and screen gone and cost me USD-200. There are number other bugs in Iphone anyways...this phone is worth buying.

  • Anonymous

it got a flash, listen to :

  • Anonymous

I like the form factor and touch screen.

  • AnnOn

Dont mean to be such a newb about this, but do I need internet access for the GPS on this mobile to work? And I guess it comes with a built in maps?

  • faraz

No Flash????fail

  • Anonymous

Ok, someone please tell me if this phone will have a qwerty pad to text. at least something like the iPhone it's main competitor at this moment.
If you have an answer other than the HTC -Raphael (Which is for Sprint) please share and if there is a video even better.

  • sos

again a phone with the prism stuff, copied from Nokia... first experia copied it and now htc. when nokia came with prism, no body like it and now it seems that alla trades want it.

  • mjm7i

darn, i just got the cruise... and then 3 days later THIS came out..
i would get the Diamond for it's 3d weather design, and the larger screen.

  • Anonymous

What a pity... GPS chipset use in this model is not SiRF StarIII

  • Anonymous

camera have auto focus, but, where is the camera buton???, the screen could be at least of 3.2 like the zune80, but i still like it, i was going for the experia, but this baby is coming to home

  • Anonymous

reminds me of lg ks20 with s.e xperia with the prism thing on the back, not too bad i like it

  • Anonymous

wish it was a bit narrower

  • MGC:)

oh, no wonder HTC calls it Diamond, it looks like a Nokia Prism phone at the back, hehe