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HTC Touch Diamond

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  • Anonymous

If you have an HTC Touch Diamond, congrats. You have just waisted your money. This phone is so good, I went back to my razor. 15 years and about 8 cell phones, and the HTC is the biggest let down I have ever had.
Battery life = What a joke, lucky if you get a day
Durability = Don't bump it, or you will have to re-boot
Service = Thats the biggers joke yet. If you expect your provider or HTC to do anything about it, your dreaming
Tht best advice = If you just got it, take it back and exchange it for a rotery phone. You will have a better product

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Dec 2008Ok, this phone seems great on paper. The reality is, yes it is a... moreThis is realy NOT TRUE! This phone works great and it's realy unbelievable what you can do with it. First thing is get used to touch screen but all the rest.. fantastic! I realy can't understand how you can compare it with Nokia n95???????????????

  • Nicko

hey , can this phone view chinese wordings ? please help !

  • mel

Meng, 20 Nov 2008is it got nevigation system like Garmin??????????? Or, I need t... moreya.....

good navitor. extra money to instll garmin....

  • Anonymous

Ok, this phone seems great on paper. The reality is, yes it is a fingerprint nightmare, the screen also scratches extremely easily. Even though the speed of the processor and internal memory is quite high, there are some issues I just can't get past.

Whilst on a call and another call comes in you can't end one call and move to the next - the phone freezes.
When dialing you first need to make sure the call connects, sometimes does not want to dial, once it connects you must switch the screen off before putting it against your ear, otherwise you accidentally press the end call buttom that is huge across the whole screen and you end your call as soon as the other person pics up. Sometimes there is lag when switching from one section to the next during finger scrolling and then all of a sudden it opens everything in between that you could have touched in the meantime. Seriously a very frustrating phone.

Pushmail works very well without any glitches. Network selection is not the greatest since most of the times it auto selects Edge rather than 3G even if 3G or HSDPA is available. Internet is fairly comfortable to browse although it hangs and closes on memory intensive sites where many objects or pics have to open. Can only open 3 tabs at a time and then it is usually out of memory anyway.

GPS is useless to me since the software costs way too much to install unless I can test it first. Since there are so many other glitches I can just imagine.

Personally I am seriously thingking of reverting back to my Nokia N95, it has far less issues......I am due for upgrade in Feb 09 and can not wait to get rid of this phone, sorry for the bad review, but I am seriously not impressed at all......

  • Anonymous

I think this phone is very good and have better mobility than iphone because they have good compact size and also is very usable for this size of screen.
For me they have all what i want from smartphone.

  • Anonymous

i don't understand why everyone goes on about the battery life. i use the phone pretty heavily nd da battery lasts the entire day. why do people make an issue about having to charge it everyday? i've had to do that with every phone i've ever had.

  • Allison

hi im from South Africa.Which maps can we use with the phones gps for SA

  • Anonymous

it is also a fingerprint magnet...
htc could make it better...

  • Anonymous

It's ane excellent phone,i don't care about the battery life....the only thing that concerns me is the display...too easy to get so many scratches...a friend got it and he is desperate about this issue...

  • Ashwaghosh

Hey the handsets' better than what was expected but the battery life is poor.
I have to charge the handset every day.

  • Nee

Does anyone have this phone bcoz i dyin to buy it ?

  • Kassem

Good morning,

i instaled the Arabic software on my diamond but the activesync is not operating any more??

Any advice.


  • Eli

hey i bought it since 3mth it is very gd, but i got 5 problems:
1-Battery life poor
2-speakers' sound is not high
3-time for messages received is not correct,sometimes plus 1hr sometimes 5min..etc
4-the alert sound for a message received is not working everytime
5-when zooming on a pic i can not move it to see it all

  • dp

285 h on standby is almost 10 days. but the htc diamond battery hardly can stay for a day. why?

  • colin

hey i frm india and the diamond in india is 2g just one question
does this reduce the speed while using wifi or is it no way connected


  • Bill PL

I bought it last week. Features are OK but poor battery life. Should be improved.

  • glksjbg

its physical appearance is great............

but basing on its.............

can you tell me guys,,
what is the difference when you buy as N-series phones..
Which is better?

  • Anonymous

i have this phone after tons of nokia was my first smartphone, my previous phone was N73.

HTC diamond sucks!
# Poor battery life!!
# Fingerprint nightmare!!!
# Average sunlight legibility !!!
# Back panel finish started to wear off in a few weeks of usage!!!
# Limited scroll wheel usage!!
# Very very sluggish!!
# The opera browser is very very slow and most of times it freezes and exits

just dont buy it if you care about your money

  • Anonymous

I would wanna get this phone.. but i dont know if I can get around the fact that theres only 4gb memory and no card slot.