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  • warlock

hi...heheheh i bark at the wrong side..... i comment on the hd2.... i hav this phone bought it yesterday... i dunno how to use mp3 ringtone...i go to settings and ringtones only presets tones are there cant use the mp3 when im in the music library the option is onlyrepeat [Off] shuffle [off] properties, add to playlist, audio booster....
not so familiar with this phone....
this phone is nice the only prob for me is... no flash for cam and its a little slow.....

  • rolyelbestia

excelent pda,i am very happy

  • jonathankoul

Dr. Firaz, 31 Jan 2010Trying to decided between HD2 and Touch HD. The humangous size o... moreYou can get an 8gb external micro-sd card for the touch HD but dont know about the HD2

  • Anonymous

mangesh, 02 Feb 2010main difference between hd and hd2 is the multi touch input syst... moreu r wrong!touch hd2 don't have secondary camera for video call!skype can not used for hd2! very disappointed about it!

  • mangesh

main difference between hd and hd2 is the multi touch input system,which is very convient for all aspect.hd2 have a fast processor(1gz) where hd dosent.hd2's ram is bigger so there is a room for improvement for fast access .storage capacity of both phone is almost same.with cook rom you can easily upgrade hd to wm 6.5.

  • Dr. Firaz

Trying to decided between HD2 and Touch HD. The humangous size of HD2 is the main spoiling factor for me. I like the looks of HD but other features are better on HD2. What is the max storage capacity of HD and HD2?

  • Duncan

I've used this phone before, it's a great phone with a ton of great features.

The only downsides I'd say is that it's massive plastic, i.e. that the entire phone is plastic and that the sound quality when you play back MP3's are a bit sub-par. Also, the camera isn't the best. (But that's just my opinion.)

Other then that, I have nothing I can say against the phone itself. Gorgeous display, GPS, Wifi (wlan), 3G, 5mpx camera etc. It's got everything and then some.

And to those wondering, you can indeed install Android on this phone.

Check this website out:

  • Sadegh

I'm using HTC Touch HD since one month. The phone is great with all you need and expect from a mobile phone. The package is also rich with a 8GB Memory card.
The CPU performs great, and the graphic chipset is awesome.
The screen is a real cinema in your hands. Above all, the TouchFlo 3D runs so smooth and life-like.
The weather and stock tabs are terrifically lovely.
The HTC support center is also ready to address your seldom problems!
I am in love with the phone, and I recommend everyone to go for it today.

  • Desdd

Can it dump windows and go Android ?

  • abubakkar

Aniruddh Kelaiya, 22 Jan 2010When Windows Mobile 6.5 Version update will be available for Tou... moreI wont upgrede from htc hd windos6.1 to windos 6.5 haw can upgred it

  • Shah

I have been using Touch HD last 6 months, can somebody help me how i can use Blackberry connect service on it?

  • mangesh

no its not possible because while flashing to cooked rom the spl version of the phone going to change to other if you think to install official 6.5,you have to reinstall your fist one default 6.1 version with same spl version.

  • sam

which better Touch HD or Samsung Omnia ii ?

  • pinkgirl

may i know whether HTC Touch HD can support Quickbook Accounting Software..? is it true tat i can key in data jus like i am using computer..?

  • Nick Vo

Does it comes with a 8gb microSD ??

  • Aniruddh Kelaiya

Suppose I update my HTC Touch HD by Cooked ROM 6.5 ( MAnila ) and then if I want to Update in Official 6.5, Will it be possible ?

  • Aniruddh Kelaiya

mangesh, 23 Jan 2010@ aniruddha, wm 6.5 is not avail officially yet for htc hd. th... moreThanks for the reply !

But is Touch HD Upgradable for 6.5 ?

  • mangesh

@ aniruddha,
wm 6.5 is not avail officially yet for htc hd. their are a lot of custom rom available for htc hd.

  • mangesh

sorry for the half post.after that disable activesync connection,goto settings and uncheck'allow usb connections' .now run the RUU wrapper.exe,dont connect the phone untill check the box where agreed to update, hit next after that now connect the'll work.

  • mangesh

are u installed 3.5 in your pc?,if not first install it before proceeding.check out the spl version of your hd while booting process.i had 1.10,i used hspl 1.56 to flash any rom.i tried seven roms till now.