HTC Touch HD

HTC Touch HD

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  • Anonymous

this will destroy alllllll!but no flash???wtf

  • Anonymous

hey! i really like this phone but wont it be slow???

  • Pep

Andrius, 15 Sep 2008Weeeee! First real Iphone killer!Touch Pro? Touch Diamond? i900 Omnia?
those were the first Iphone killers!
But this one we can add to the list.
Nice specs! Nice design!

  • harris

same speed with htc touch pro
biger screen

so it will be slower from touch pro


  • Anonymous

Oooh my god, it must have at least LED flash light... It is so useful as a torch!!!
All in all it's a beatiful phone!!!
Kill the Iphone, sun!!!

  • Andrew

This is dream phone, everything u need in one place, unfortunately price will be enormus

  • Anonymous

Really good specs...hope it comes out soon

  • XX

i900 is the best...and n85

  • Banie

Whooh.. better come this year

  • Andrius

Weeeee! First real Iphone killer!

  • Zoom

im first.... realy REALY nice phone