HTC Touch HD

HTC Touch HD

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  • xaoc

hmm.. is the best display out there finally in for some competition? could this thing possibly have a touch interface as good or better than the apple thingy? jobs can kiss htc's ass.. lol

  • danushka perera

all specification are goood........
but problem is nt include flasher.......

  • sameer sheikh

excellent upgrade from htc
nice phone with great features

  • unknown

how can they make a 5mp cam phone with no flash?

  • Kapil Gupta

Compare It With The iphone 3G Here.­24&idPhone1=2525

  • Kapil gupta

I Have Used This Phone On a Mobile Expo & I Must Say That This Is The Real iphone Killer The Screen Quality Is Amazing It Is Bigger Than iphone & The Best Part The Screen Is Full HD WOW

Amazinggggggggg Phone.
Good Work By HTC Keep It Up.....!!

  • Anune Bengkong

ultimate features...
quality is another story, tough...

  • Lukas, Andrejas brot

Andrius, 15 Sep 2008Weeeee! First real Iphone killer!This is actually the first "real" competitor to iPhone.

HTC Touch, F480 and a few more are just copies

  • mark p

oh wow what a iphone beater. this is amazing mobile. just shows what can happen when real creative talent design a phone.

  • cythe

A worthy successor to O2 XDA Flame. Can't wait to get my hands on this baby.

  • nick

omg i love this to bits!!!

  • Anonymous

I'm Sure This Phone will be my Next phone =D

  • Anonymous

Ive used Nokias, HTC's and iphone.
Lets face it, iphone has the most userfriendliness with its lightning fast (comparitive to HTC or Nokia) response. HTC's pack their phones with features but forget to put in a 3d chip or a fast enough processor. Nokias have the best multimedia hardware, with nice loud speakers and high end cameras in terms of phones....

If this decide delivers, i think ill never have to buy a Nokia again. I just hope the processor is fast enough for the GUI to be seamless -_-

  • Joseph yesudas

This phone is just like one man army to fight against other

  • Christov

The first REAL contender to the iPhone.
Now the only thing to stop this from being a success is not the weight or its dimensions.

It's WinMO. Let's face it Apple's OS X knocks spots off any phone OS currently on the market; pleasing to the eye and extremly usable.

  • NokiaDict

Behold the iPhone Killer... (Until Nokia or Sony Ericsson won't come out with an multi-touch solution)

  • Dani

I LOVE this phone

  • Anonymous

Good, a step forward, now we can enjoy the high resolution screen of our pda without damaging our eyes; however the lack o American bands for 3.5G is yet not understood. Why omitting such a basic spec? Furthermore, a better battery and an internal memory in addition to microSD card would have been a plus.

  • Muhammad

does this really have tvout? If so then im gonna get this phone. for this ohone to be complete it should have had at least a flsh light or led for the 5 MP camera

  • Anonymous

looks kind of ugly~~~but sure its a beast~