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  • capitaine

@ smokinjoe: dude, it does have a stylus. See here:

  • capitaine

So does WinMob 6.1 allow the use of the phone ad a modem? This is very important for me. Also, no word on whether it does video recording...? Are there any new reviews? There are hardly proper reviews for this phone, so I'm curious how good the screen really is, as its only 64k colours.

  • smokinjoe

minded guy, 20 Oct 2008reply to smokinjoe I SAID read and then ask SENSE questions not... morei wasnt trying to bring any attitude to the forum, i was serious, I have read several other reviews/ previews and noe mention a stylus. There is a vague mention in one of the very first articles regarding the phone. But even looking at all the pictures posted I have not seen any slot where it could possibly be hiding on the phone itself.... Or did they pull a bonehead move like samsung i900???? who wants a stylus hanging from a fricking string?????
A stylus may seem an unimportant or feature for some but I prefer to use it, especially for the on screen keyboards.

Just assuming something will be there, because it has on everything else is not something I would consider good business. That is the best way to find something missing.

  • minded guy

reply to smokinjoe
I SAID read and then ask SENSE questions not NONSENSE questions!
have u ever seen any HTC's products that DID NOT HAVE stylus?!!!! ever?!
what are these questions all about guys?!
it also HAS tv out port but the cable is not included in first place. u have to buy one later... see spec. as i mentioned before

  • smokinjoe

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2008guys guys plz just read the phone specs. and then write ur opin... moreYou said read the specifications first and then mentiuoned that there is a stylus, where exactly did you see that listed in the specifications????

  • nfd

No TV out , really bad

  • azzambm

Both devices will be available through the major retailers from November onwards starting with the UAE. The HTC Touch 3G will be available in two colors: noble gold and sparkle blue at an estimated end user price of AED 2,199 (USD 599) while the HTC Touch HD will be available at an estimated end user price of AED 3,499 (USD 953).

  • Baraa

What the benefit if u canít get any support from them they are not respect the customers.

  • Rayma

is there is a tv out port in HTC HD

  • Aqualung

Gotta say, on paper this handset sounds awesome! Toss in a QWERTY keyboard, bump camera resolution to 8MP, toss in a Xenon flash, and you've got my idea of a perfect (2008) cellphone.

  • Miss Lee

Btw it's always referred as "electronics plaza". Does anyone know about them?

$300 is too good to be true! *fishy, fishy*

  • Miss Lee

Hi all,

I am looking around on Google just to see how much are people selling the HTC Touch HD for and noticed that many of them are going for ONLY $300!!! How can that be? They must be fake or the concept model, no?

Can anyone explain me how come? I believe this model is going for about $999, right!?



  • Overclock guru

This phone will be able to use yahoo messenger and all windows mobile consoles/ download yahoo go beta v.3.0 (google search)

  • tomtom

smokin' joe, 16 Oct 2008Love the concept of this device. I have been doing quite a bit ... moreyour specifications impressive, in the meantime you better make the devise yourself.

  • JOJO

jiji, 16 Oct 20085MP CAMERA and no flash. htc must be kidding. this is a bad joke... moreif you are concern with flash, get a SLR professional camera with multiple features, a phone camera is never be good enough.

  • Anonymous

guys guys plz
just read the phone specs. and then write ur opinion
it DOES have stylus, screen rotation!!,video capture,ext. memory card, etc... where are u come from guys?!
write less and read more!

  • luke

JoDo, 17 Oct 2008Questions - Is this HTC HD now available for purchase in Londo... more1. no, wait till november 6th
2.,3.,4. yes.

  • L I M O

i think it will be best of the best....

  • Saif -saiftara@hotma

smokin' joe, 16 Oct 2008Love the concept of this device. I have been doing quite a bit ... moreThanks buddy for ur posting of ur criteria which has helped me a lot and i look forward to chat with u or know ur email. Thanks. My email is or Thanks and i would like to know more on PDA's