HTC Touch HD

HTC Touch HD

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  • Nikol

is there any flash for indoor pictures!?
Cam 5 megapixels will be a great crap!!!

  • nicos


There are no video player?


  • andry

too bad the camera has no flash and it packed with WM6, not WM7.
and what the meaning "HD" anyway?

  • Mr Critiq

Its a Great Phone in terms of specs but I think you Guys forgotten the memory we need a HUGE space!

  • billkgr

Memory yes sd. The screen is 65K because of windows mobile. If it is 256K or even 16M you will not have more than 65K because of wm limitation. They said they will fix it in the forthcoming wm7 edition

  • Raivo

What about the memory int/sd?

  • Jason

I think this phone looks great, i've always liked the HTC handsets but there's always one thing that annoys me, Why do they always have a maximum screen colour of 65k. Its just not enough to show the true colours that you expect to see now days. 256k Would be an improvement or even push the boat out and have 16m like the samsung versions of the windows mobile handsets.

  • Savor

HTC and WinMo phones are quietly having a nice 2008. Xperia, Diamond, Touch Pro, and now this? I prefer if this phone ran on Android or WinMo7 though. At least HTC and Asus are bring out phones with at least 3.5+ inch screens now. This isn't my dream phone. That would be a Samsung capacitive touchscreen W/ QWERTY slideout using the new Android OS w/ 5MP camera. My gripe with Samsung, Motorola, and LG phones has been the clumsy UI. Now they have Android to make it better....

  • gr8

Really Coooool

  • billkgr

First af all you can speak better. Secondly because it is a nice looking phone doesn't mean it is so good as it could be. If you and these 2 men want to buy phone only for appearence you can do it of course but furthermore you can say nothing for the disadvanteges it has. So better listen other opinions also than say all these bad words without concerning.

  • billkgr

And for the friend who asked unfortunately it is not better than omnia..

  • billkgr

No 640*480 video recording for 5MP camera is very bad. No xenon flash is not at all good for such a device and the top category they want to be. No big internal memory also cause latency in times and poorer performance. HTC can be better, could have been with this phone, they should be. We deserve it. I was expecting this phone to be the edge but with this features i am dissapointed..

  • Anonymous

can someone tell them that a 5mp camera without flash is a joke, i won a HTC Touch diamond i know better.

  • Srinath

Iphone killer..........

  • Anonymous

better than iphone?

  • ozayvaz


  • joe_wang

wow..thats an awesome looking fone.

  • Anonymous

I thnk dis iz gonna b d king of iphone..!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

The new has no rival. 3,8 inch! It's a real monster! My N82 is a toy now :)