HTC Touch Pro

HTC Touch Pro

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  • aslam

should i bye htc touch pro????????

  • Ed

Lumnia, this one is just if it's a must

  • Ed

Lumnia, this one is just if it's a must

  • keri

i gave it this phone to my brother and he set up PHONE LOCK and now he dnt knw ppascode so how i can access the phone

  • hjc

I'm from England and just wondering weather this phone is any good? Ice got the lumia at the moment need help on which ones better please. And does it have market like android market?

  • AnonD-59783

I have one for 80€ in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Full pack + CD for install android .

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 May 2012Were cane i get a nice phone like ths me guys.


  • Anonymous

Were cane i get a nice phone like ths me guys.

  • lumberjack

Xda developers, neopeek, and tiad8 have taken the capabilities of this phone to it's full potential. Serious power for the Age and Price of hardware.

  • emresyoung

how can i repair my htc touch pro phone am from nigeria????

  • Anonymous

is a nice phone that every phone frick will like to use.i need help to repair my touch phone please.

  • Yfen

It's touch pad is good. The camera is BAD. the tone of the picture is yellowish, very dark when the light is even okay. Not sure what's the problem. Most fraustrated problem is one of my friends' picture mail to me, can't be expanded...A phone's camera is big to me, therefore, it's hard to like the phone with limitation like this.

  • Prajwal

a very good phone to buy for starter kids and as a kid i suggest to buy the htc touch pro......

  • AnonD-48900

How can i upgrade my phone to WM 6.5 or to android 2.2?What is the risk?
Is omnia 2 better?

  • rohan

it is a very good mobile but its main issue is the bluetooth

  • Patrick Pereira

Excellent phone!Beautiful and elegant design , still a very good choice!


hi friends. i need your help. i have htc touch pro mobile but the touch is damage. so tell me how i go to the menu with out touch. plz help me

  • Anonymous

@Dinu, No it does not- this phone runs on the old windows software not windows phone 7.

  • tahir

diana86, 14 Jan 2012hey guys, i bought this phone about one month ago, and i ha... moreu check its left side buttons and check for system sounds volume it will be ok,,,,,it is a great device

  • Ali

my musis in front panel is continuously reporting error in audio manager....can ani 1 tel me how my music can play ????