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  • Anonymous

are there any good apps for this phone?

  • john

everything is great with my touch pro but for 2 thing:
1- the ringing level is very low although i set at the highest ringing level especially when you put in the pocket.
2- when you send sms which is pretty long such 5 pages to many people, it will send the same sms double or even tripple to the receivers. my bill also double.

  • navid

I've got the screen problem as steve said and the flickery screen sometimes even loses its touchscreen ability and i have to just look at my phone and regret the buy! Can anyone plz help me whether i can fix this problem by goning to a local htc supportcenter or it doesn't worth it and maybe i've got to go for another phone!

  • Steve

I say no to this pda phone...i really regreat to sell my nokia N-series phone just to get this pda...the screen is the main problem for my htc touch pro...less than 6 months using it the screen flickering and now barely can't see anything on the screen...this is my 1st pda and htc really dissapoint me...i rather stick to Nokia N-series phone...i try to google bout the screen problem and millions of people got the same problem like sad!!!

  • Octav

Selena, 18 Apr 2010Should I hoestly get this phone? I am having second thought... moreNo ! Dont buy it, get a Blackberry Bold or something newer than touch pro. I've had this phone for almost an year now, and can't wait to change it. it sucks. Touch screen is mediocre, sound level is low (barely hear it if it's in the leather slip), battery is awefull - 1 day, maybe 1 day and half...depends what u do with it. Wireless is ok, but reception is kind of bad, always looses signal if u cover the antena, which u normally do cause it's located down. It has lots and lots of bugs..I've tried some upgrades, and it's even worse. Camera is not good unless u have a fair amount of sunlight. video - video what ? ... good Calendat tho :)) and sms thread view, easy typing...get a different phone ! trust me..u won't regret it...I am getting the bb Bold 9700 now. do the same...or try other HTC handsets...HD is really good

  • juliano

what sar value have this phone for europe? im from spanish and i want 2 buy this phone but for us sar value is very high. i'm waiting for an answer

  • paulus

Buggy as hell i had user it for over a year i have a htc hero Its allmoast buggless and so fast i.s.o. touchpro is as fast as a turd on a bicycle Android wins on WM

  • paulus

Buggy as hell i had user it for over a year i have a htc hero Its allmoast buggless and so fast i.s.o. touchpro is as fast as a turd on a bicycle Android wins on WM

  • brudjuz

If you want MS Windows Mobile 6.5, with all HTC Sense 2.5 innovations, especially with the option Footprints in cooperation with the Google Maps service, then I recommend The Captain's Special ROM with the following link Works perfectly ...

  • brudjuz

To be clear, HTC Touch Pro is the most complete smartphone on the market. Excellent touch screen, comfortable keyboard, GSM reception quality, good 3mpx camera, quick GPS, WM optimized 6.1, G-Sensor Movement, an FM radio, WiFi stable, fantastic sound on the headphones, plenty of programs for windows mobile. Also, HTC Sense interface is incredibly user-customizable and good looking. Just a pleasure to have this phone. The best recommendations ..

  • Mithu Khan

I am going to get a windows phone. but i can't decide which one to is the best, samsung omnia or htc touch diamond pro....
can anyone help me with some good advice? please....

  • xian

Good day. can anyone tell me whether i can send the photo taken thru blue tooth? if yes,how? tried but cant find the way. Also, how to create a file to store photo or video taken? Thanks

  • Anonymous

Imran, 27 Mar 2010Hi. I have a touch pro with win6.1. i would like to upgrade... more

IMPORTANT: Read the first link First (Sticky: [Resources] Flashing your First GSM Raphael Rom (For Noobs))

Later you can select any of the ROMS that you want to upgrade to.

  • Anonymous

Just get the Wimo 6.5.5 update with sense then this phone is fine. so much faster then stock 6.1, and 100000% more touch friendly then 6.1. then add swype txting so you dont really need your slideout qwerty anymore. yay

  • xian

hi, just wanna to know whether tis phone got chinese version?? where can i download it?? thanks.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2010i update my handset every 18-24 months and i got this one t... moreReal rubbish! Unreliable, difficult to operate, just rubbish!

  • portia

cn sum1 help i going 2 struggle with dis phone even if im nt addict 2 de internet? or isnt concretely 4 busines plp n internet user? im a simple person who loves dis phone outwardly based on TOUCH SCREEN N KEYBOARD i hv decided 2 get it very soon on contract.WAT ABT DE QUALITY OF MUSIC,PHOTOS,AMR,WI-FI,GPS,VIDEO AND BATTERY? How oft das it freeze? thank u

  • karabo in Joburg

i dnt grasp why htc are so repudiate to reduce their prices dis phone cost R7.999 And HTC TOUCH PRO 2 cost R8.999 this is too much.i can buy even an outstanding notebook with that amount.please HTC i love yr phones bt they are too expensive,they are even uncomparable with prices with the likes of blackberry,nokia,samsung,se,etc

  • visoth

when other phone sent bluetooth to my phone(HTC Touch Pro), it's not able to save in storage card. please reply the way that i can save in storage card.

  • Anonymous

i update my handset every 18-24 months and i got this one to replace my dopod (also made by htc, and which i cannot say enough good things about).
maybe i got a lemon, but the htc touchpro is one of the worst handsets i've ever used. after only 2 months the keyboard started to stick and the touchscreen became unresponsive at times. the texting programme is infuriating, basic functions weren't included and many superfluous functions are unable to be switched off. i put it away after becoming tired of battling with it everyday and went back to the dopod. i've since gotten an iphone (i now cannot function without it). when my handbag (with my iphone in it) was stolen 2 weeks ago, i went back to the htc (while i wait for my new iphone to arrive) and i remembered why i felt urges to throw it from a tall building. if you are in 2 minds about this phone - seriously - go with your other choice.