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  • Anonymous

Confirm previous post. With 2 different Vodafone IT Sim no chanche to receive the SMS message of call left into voice mailbox. Vodafone was until now not able to fix the problem. Of course both SIM had no problems in other Phones and the defect was not showing using a TIM card.

  • Alan

Hopeless signal coverage. Drops 90% of my calls on Vodaphone. I callled vodaphone and they said they do not support the phone.

Giving it back this weekend.

  • Mike

Had 2 of these from vodaphone
Very nice looking phone and feels good as well
Both Phones were faulty
Front bessal fell off one
Pen would not go back in unit on second
Also note i did a test the Camera is not as good as the Qtek S200 Suprised!
Oh and were has Messenger Gone!

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know how to get the edge funtion to work on this phone. I am a t-mobile customer in the US and no one over there seems to know how to get it to work. Please if someone can help me.

  • George

To MS:You can simply press once the button "VOICE COMMAND" on the left of the device, under the "OK" button and... voila! If you press and hold the same button you can record a voice note.

  • aaris

chris, why would you want to overclock this phone? this device has allready bad battery-life, and you want to get it worse?

  • joe

anyone from the u.s with this phone.i wanna test out the 3g video call on this.i know if ur phone gets a U means ur on 3g speed. a G means gprs or edge if ur in that area.i'm in nyc
cingular is making this there 8525 phone next year.

  • MS

I just got the phone after reading these reviews. There are a couple of features that are absolutely RETARDED!! For example: using voice speed dial you have to (per pg 185 of manual) tap start->programs->voice speed dial. The wait for a beep to say the name of person you want to call. You call that speed dial?? I expected at least like my cheap one button and say John Doe..and it automatically dials John Doe. Second - I don't like the way Contacts are stored. They are not sorted by categories like my palm did. Sure you can assign a category to your contacts but cannot access by category....USELESS!

  • Chris

The design of TyTn, I think, is not as user friendly as HTC S60. But, I suppose the specs. for the 2 phones are not the same either.

I was plesantly pleased that I was able to use Skype to call my son in the U.S. (few days ago while I was having my breakfast in a hotel in Shanghai where the WIFI signal was quite good). The reception was very good.

  • pat

hello, i receive my new tytn a week ago, and it works great. someone knows how could i overlock the samsung processor or where i could get some freeware for overlocking the tytn? thanks

  • Anonymous

I think this is not very good. But my brother also wants to buy this phone.Do you know what battery that this phone use?

  • Anonymous

I have expèerience in phones but after 2 days of trials I was not abel to get it to receive the SMS info of a call sent to the vocal mail box. The voice mail box works perfect and the SMS also but no chance to be informed that I have a call diverted to the voice mail box... any suggestion ?
I use Vodafon IT

  • Jan

Is this the same as the Qtek and does it have the same connection?

  • GWM

This is a great phone, but it has problems.
- Hard to see in the sunlight.
- Difficult to use when driving because of the restrictive nature of WIndows. Symbian is way easier and user-friendly.
- Touch-screen and stylus malfunctioned and I am sending to Tech Support. Never had this problem before.
- The phone is temperamental.
- When the phone is working, it can be phenomenal.
_ Phone is temperamental, like an Italian sports car, that needs a lot of TLC and is high-maintenance

  • George

I use this phone 2 weeks and I have to admit that it is the perfect device.But I think I face a problem: the wifi signal is weak and unstable comparing my laptop. I used TyTN's wlan in my office, home and outdoors. The same problem everywhere. Does anybody has the same problem? Or my device doesn't work properly?

  • Michael

I recommend the imate JASJAM for Australian residents, through Telstra. Can get a really good deal on Get Connected Business plan.

  • Anonymous

Got this phone DOPOD 838 Pro and have used it for 2 weeks now. My roomie on the other hand, chose the P990i.

Here are our comparisons:

a) DOPOD wins in keypad. Duh...

b) P990i camera much better than DOPOD even though both are 2MP but i think the image software and lens sizes make a difference.

c) Battery life - DOPOD Wins.

d) Weight - P990i wins.

e) Symbian vs MS Mobile - I think Symbian is still far more stable and more 3rd party software. So we both think P990i wins.

f) Build quality - DOPOD wins FOR SURE. No flimsy flip.

g) Rolling wheel - We both feel the P990i's rolling wheel quality is slightly better here. it is sensitive enough but feels more sturdy.

h) Wifi - DOPOD speed slightly faster. My web pages loaded faster than his. Not by much but still, speed wins.

i) In a street fight - DOPOD wins. You can use it to pound away at your foe.Then take photos after you are done. The P990i would probably have the flip broken off...ha ha.

j) As a mobile phone - P990i wins. It is quite a pain, i must admit to use simple phone call functions on the MS Window mobile unit. On average, you need to trigger 2 -3 actions before you can make a simple call.

All in all, for US$60 more, i think the dopod is more value for money. My roomie thinks the same too but he is happy with the P990i cause he beats me to it when calling the girls.

  • Anonymous

how far can i go with its microsd?

  • Movetonne

Looking at the Dopod 838Pro but I live in Australia and there appears to be a hold up on delivery. Just got told the new devlivery date of mid Nov, from the original early Oct. Major bummer as I have already ordered the Dopod (but can cancel). Need some advice on a couple of things. First the camera, the Dopod gets great reviews but there seems to be some dodgy comments about the JasJams camera. Are they the same!?
Second, the Dopod advertises 11g but the JasJam says 11b/g with reviews saying the JasJams real speed is 11b!? Is this the same for both or does the Dopod have real 11g?
Thanks and by the way the JasJam is available in Australia. Good to see we are not totally left behind.

  • Anonymous

identical specs dont mean the phone is made EXACTLY the same. A different shell/encasing could have been used or the material used for the shell. Either way, I hope to upgrade from my MDA when I have enough money.