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  • Anonymous

identical specs dont mean the phone is made EXACTLY the same. A different shell/encasing could have been used or the material used for the shell. Either way, I hope to upgrade from my MDA when I have enough money.

  • vodajohn

dear hassan, the weight difference is due to the fact that 02 and i-mate removed the self destruct mechanism ;-)

  • Anonymous

I would like to know if it has a Writer recognition similar to Palm Grafiti or at least if you can install it. Thanks everibody

  • Hassan Shoukry

O2, I-mate both have the same phone, theirs weigh in @ 160 grams, how come HTC's wieghs in @ 176 grams? I've compared all their specs, th all seem identical, so how can one account for the mass difference? This is really mind bogling.

  • Equilibrium

the best phone i ever seen, easy to use, powerfull, very good design, all-inclusive, Bluetooth, IRDA, WIFI, EDGE, 3G, ETC.

  • George

The best pocket pc phone ever!!! I'm in love with it;I bought it two days ago. I've had before that a qtek2020i and a qtek9100.

  • esadumf

Can I use a 1500mAH battery instead of the 1350 that comes w/ the phone. I ordered what I thought was the 1350 and received the 1500 battery.

  • Stefan

Hello! I have a problem with my HTC TyTN. I'v just got it. It is a wonderful device, I'm very happy with it, BUT, i can't play any AVI on it... I'v tried with TCMP .72 and is not working, with Sompy the same, Pocket TV no chance :( Please help me! Tell me a player or how to solv the problem 10x

  • jon

for all tose moaning about windows mobile 5 well good news linux is coming, think how amazing it will be, having complete control over every peice of hardware in the device, a quick question now , will the device run unsigned code becuase iu remeber my old spve200 i had to de-authorise it to run the code, will i have to do the same with this

  • Ge

To KC: you pay only what you talk and when you are in the internet and depends on your operator's price list.

  • KC

I never use PDA phone. How much do I have to pay at least a month? Is it gon' be charged only while I'm using the internet service?

  • Anonymous

This is my first pda phone. it really good.

Typing with the qwerty pad is fast surprisingly. thanks..

Use the pda to send this message...

  • August

It's quick all right... there seems to be no lag at all.

  • TauRho

All above is fine, BUT: I cannot use the TyTN outside in normal daylight! The screen is almost invisible even with screen illumination set to maximum.

  • 4G

Can I use thie phone to remote two bluetooth device in same time? (eg. GPS and headset)

  • Toon

It supports HSDPA (guaranteed), only coverage of network is the limit.My question: is the calendarfunction really much quicker in use? Mij Q-tec 9100 is to slow in changing from week to week or dauy to day and even blocks when yoo overdemand it.

  • August..

Was waiting for my Dopod 838 Pro to arrive but ended up with HTC TyTN and can say that this phone is the best i have ever owned... 3G, GPRS, Wifi, Bluetooth, USB and InfraRed connectivity....

As for HSDPA.. yup, it does support it. You need to do something to the registry in order to enable HSDPA.

Overall.. This phone is First Class!!

  • George

Does anyone knows if t supports HSDPA? Because in some other reviews it seems that doesn't so.
Anyway,I think it is the perfect phone! And if someone wants a GPS he can install the software and use a remote GPS device.

  • Liebstandarte

Thanks DRM. Excellent advice about the MP3`s. And here I was about to hack the registry !
Cheers, my fav. phone just got better !

  • DRM

MS Phones may seems to be complicated to use, but there is a lot of free self developed software in the www to customise it to your taste. Even the 2 soft key or any keys can be change for a different function. You can go to many website (one eg. is )

Agree that the stylus is loose, I have ever loose it once but found it 1 day after by a colleague of mine. Solution is that I have a leather bag (same size as my PDA) to place it completely inside and even if it drops, it is still inside the bag.

For the HTC Universal PPC Phone that I have, place the mp3 ringtones in the root directory of your storage card (external) or \windows\ring (internal), your phone is able to recognise them.

Read more widely at different website, you will find that what MS provides is only the bare basic, what is available in different website is so vast that after I have started using PPC, I have still not able to explore everything yet. It is very exciting for people who love technology.

So this type of phone is not for people with weak heart. HeeHee