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  • Liebstandarte

Thanks DRM. Excellent advice about the MP3`s. And here I was about to hack the registry !
Cheers, my fav. phone just got better !

  • DRM

MS Phones may seems to be complicated to use, but there is a lot of free self developed software in the www to customise it to your taste. Even the 2 soft key or any keys can be change for a different function. You can go to many website (one eg. is )

Agree that the stylus is loose, I have ever loose it once but found it 1 day after by a colleague of mine. Solution is that I have a leather bag (same size as my PDA) to place it completely inside and even if it drops, it is still inside the bag.

For the HTC Universal PPC Phone that I have, place the mp3 ringtones in the root directory of your storage card (external) or \windows\ring (internal), your phone is able to recognise them.

Read more widely at different website, you will find that what MS provides is only the bare basic, what is available in different website is so vast that after I have started using PPC, I have still not able to explore everything yet. It is very exciting for people who love technology.

So this type of phone is not for people with weak heart. HeeHee

  • mr cautious

Have just trialed this wonderful product for 2 weeks but regret have returned it. Reasons are two fold.
1/. While I am sure windows will eventually dominate the smart phone market, the windows 5 software is really far to complicated. So many strokes to get to the point. This is speaking as an ex Psion / Palm user.
2/. The pen ceased clicking into place in it's slot....making the device useless, the straw that broke the back I am afraid.
3/. The touch screen is great, but the icons on screen are far to fiddly to access.
4/. How do you access the sim card adderss book easily? It's a puzzle, as ar many of the setting in the software.
5/. The buttons on the outside of the body are good, BUT they are all in far to easy to touch accidentally places.
In conclusion, the problems are MOSTLY windows software based....which si why I will now wait to buy the new Palm Treo where i am confident the software will be more realistic about the needs of busy people.
Secondly, the failure of the pen slot holder in less than 2 weeks was the deciding factor.
The keyboard is fantastic, the size JUST about acceptable but the camera software awful.
On balance - if you like windows software then this smartphone is very exciting, and I may come back to this manufacturor in a year expecting the hardware problems to be solved.

  • Liebstandarte

Is this the same as the m3100 ? If so, asolutely fantastic. I can`t rate it enough. Had it for 2 days & still finding more features.
It has everything I need to complete my work, Excel, word, an intuitive navigation system and a good camera with loads of options. The battery life is excellent too !
You want a pocket got it in this baby !
Only problem so far is assigning MP3`s from EXT. memory to ringtones, but a fix is available to those brave enough !

  • Anonymous

HI! can any one give me 3 payg network settings for htc tytn please

  • kaye

fantastic phone!!i would like to have one.this phone is great,it has all the features im looking for a cellphone..

  • Anonymous

this phone was so great!!!i would like to have one,,it's fastantic

  • m

This is a great phone! The best phone ive seen....heheheh....HTC, give me one for free pls...hahaha :)

  • Anonymous

Best WM5 phone well done HTC. this is a real phone and it doesn't scratch like the iamte jasjar.

  • the wasp

HSCSD is available by software upgrade, mate.

  • Anonymous

i read ten other reviews they all said it has hscsd it gsmarena wrong or not does it have it does anyone know

  • Peter

I am thinking to get HTC TyTN or SE P990,i wonder if somebody tried both of them and can compare them?Thanks!

  • Mark

How easy is it to activate the loudpeaker during a call? Do you have to wait for the call to answer before activating the loudspeaker? Thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous

Great Phone
Welldone HTC

  • v m

interesting cell.................what´s samsung processor?????????

  • Anonymous

this phone is a real dream, screw nokia n93...

  • Jack

This has to be the most complete phone on the market. wifi, 3G, much more. sure itll be over 600 GBP

  • machani

After waiting sooooo long for the Sony/Ericsson P990i, I have given up on them. Screw you SE!!.

This HTC TyTn kills the P990i! It has Wifi b & g, EDGE, dual camera. The keyboard layout is more practical for mobile email. This is the best communicator phone.

  • Yiannis

For long time we were waiting this phone as O2 Trion or Qtek 9600 or Imate JasJam and it has appeared eventually by the maker HTC. It is a GREAT phone as the keyboard is very practical. Also, the 3G ability it is the 1st time appearing in a practical form on a PDA. And, finally Microsoft is indicating that it will make it as a strong opponent with Window based mobiles.

  • Deago78

Very nice phone. Has alot of fantastic features such as video call, 2mp camera, handwriting recognition etc. Nice screen full QWERTY keyboard. Very nice upgrade from the wizard.