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  • Liebstandarte

Is this the same as the m3100 ? If so, asolutely fantastic. I can`t rate it enough. Had it for 2 days & still finding more features.
It has everything I need to complete my work, Excel, word, an intuitive navigation system and a good camera with loads of options. The battery life is excellent too !
You want a pocket got it in this baby !
Only problem so far is assigning MP3`s from EXT. memory to ringtones, but a fix is available to those brave enough !

  • Anonymous

HI! can any one give me 3 payg network settings for htc tytn please

  • kaye

fantastic phone!!i would like to have one.this phone is great,it has all the features im looking for a cellphone..

  • Anonymous

this phone was so great!!!i would like to have one,,it's fastantic

  • m

This is a great phone! The best phone ive seen....heheheh....HTC, give me one for free pls...hahaha :)

  • Anonymous

Best WM5 phone well done HTC. this is a real phone and it doesn't scratch like the iamte jasjar.

  • the wasp

HSCSD is available by software upgrade, mate.

  • Anonymous

i read ten other reviews they all said it has hscsd it gsmarena wrong or not does it have it does anyone know

  • Peter

I am thinking to get HTC TyTN or SE P990,i wonder if somebody tried both of them and can compare them?Thanks!

  • Mark

How easy is it to activate the loudpeaker during a call? Do you have to wait for the call to answer before activating the loudspeaker? Thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous

Great Phone
Welldone HTC

  • v m

interesting cell.................what´s samsung processor?????????

  • Anonymous

this phone is a real dream, screw nokia n93...

  • Jack

This has to be the most complete phone on the market. wifi, 3G, much more. sure itll be over 600 GBP

  • machani

After waiting sooooo long for the Sony/Ericsson P990i, I have given up on them. Screw you SE!!.

This HTC TyTn kills the P990i! It has Wifi b & g, EDGE, dual camera. The keyboard layout is more practical for mobile email. This is the best communicator phone.

  • Yiannis

For long time we were waiting this phone as O2 Trion or Qtek 9600 or Imate JasJam and it has appeared eventually by the maker HTC. It is a GREAT phone as the keyboard is very practical. Also, the 3G ability it is the 1st time appearing in a practical form on a PDA. And, finally Microsoft is indicating that it will make it as a strong opponent with Window based mobiles.

  • Deago78

Very nice phone. Has alot of fantastic features such as video call, 2mp camera, handwriting recognition etc. Nice screen full QWERTY keyboard. Very nice upgrade from the wizard.