HTC U11 fails durability test

Vlad, 13 June 2017

Hopefully you've already gone through our recently published HTC U11 review. If you have, then the next logical step would be to watch a durability testing video that will show you how well it fares in scratch, burn, and bend tests. Conveniently, JerryRigEverything has uploaded just such a video today, and it's embedded here for your viewing pleasure.

The U11 starts off as expected - its Gorilla Glass protects the screen from scratches as much as it should. The sides of the handset are revealed to be made out of real metal, as is the lip around the main camera.

It took only 8 seconds of applying an open flame to the display before the pixels went black, but once the fire was put out the screen did recover.

Things went south when it came time for the bend test, however. The U11's metal frame allows it to bend way more than it should. Bending the device from the front results in shattered glass, unlike what occurred with the similarly-looking U Ultra. That seems to have happened this time around because the U11 unfortunately pairs curved glass with a flexible frame.


Reader comments

  • Ahmad
  • 16 Aug 2017
  • JA{

Hi every body i saw this video 2 month ago in youtube. how do you know it's not a fake phone? sometimes corporations want to destroy other corporations to sell they're phones without any rival

1 less spec, no 3.5 mm jack but you get: 1 Best camera with ultraspeed auto focus & best low light image captures second to none. 2 brilliant audio w/ 360° sound zoom recording, powerful top and bottom boomsound 3 Edge sense that t...

This is true, but era is changing, peoples are demanding more than they need. Bcause they are concern about what are they paying for, who wants 1 less spec in a same value of money?

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