HTC U19e

HTC U19e

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  • jish

Please release it in India

  • Anonymous

This actually seems to be a really good competitor to the 3a XL. Sure you're not getting the same camera and software experience but other than those 2 factors this phone is superior in every way. As far as I know it seems to be cheaper as well, the last step would be to throw in global bands which would make it a real 3a XL competitor

  • Excelsquare

Here we go down again...

  • Make M8 great again

Make Dual Messenger on your phone HTC, please

  • Anonymous

This one is like a mini version of Asus Zenfone 6 (2019), with the 3 important basics, headphone jack, card slot and a big battery.

  • Manskull

Why htc alway diffrent from other? What is the selling point? Aluminium body?

wait, no ois, or eis? :o

  • Anonymous

L973, 11 Jun 2019...3.5 jack: Yes?? HTC wink twice if they've captured you o_ONo 3.5 headphone jack

...3.5 jack: Yes?? HTC wink twice if they've captured you o_O

  • AnonD-819322

18:9 is better for video, lets be honest.

I hope HTC makes a comeback with this and Desire 19+

This seems to be a good deal. Big battery, 6 GB of RAM, new mid-range CPU, and dual cameras. I think this is the right direction. I wonder about the 4k video recording though.