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  • Yasar

Friends now i was having 14,000 in my hand.can u tell me a perfect mobile 4 a school guy???

  • JK

Hi, can ny1 help me out by telling that 4m whr i can get white cover for HTC Wildfire.... in Mumbai, and if cost vl b posted it vl b of more help... thanks in advance......

  • ponjap

AnonD-392, 01 Feb 2011Hi, i hav some questions , thanks in advance. 1.Is it possible... moreyes! all the answers to your questions you will found it on WILDFIRE. Just give some time to browse it and you'll find what you're looking for. btw i own one unit of this phone :)

  • AnonD-392

i hav some questions , thanks in advance.
1.Is it possible to select multiple files for tranfer and delete
2.wats the internal memory to transfer app,image,songs from phone memory to memory card it possible to connect with pc(win 7)
5.Is it possible to set some tones as calling and msg alert other than default tones

  • R.H,

Which one should i go 4: Nokia C7 or htc wildfire?

  • R.H,

Which one should i go 4: Nokia C7 or htc wildfire?

  • Anonymous

Sabahat, 30 Jan 2011Hi dude.. I am happy that you are satisfied with Wildfire. My on... moreMobile Rate is INR 14,000

  • Abhishek

ANDRAXY, 31 Jan 2011htc wildfire 2.2 update included adobe reader. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

Hey can anyone tell me this phone contains following things or not...
1 document viewer
2 Flash Support
and what abt screen resolution and video quality.

  • Anonymous

Can anyone tell me how i use the gps on my wildfire and do i have to pay for it .and also can voice dial?thanks.


Abhishek, 31 Jan 2011I am planning to buy an HTC wildfire.Could anyone tell me if i w... morehtc wildfire 2.2 update included adobe reader.

  • Saeed - Iran

2 cons : i: LCD resolution is low
ii: processor speed is too low

everything else is great. Considering the price tag(300 US$ in Iran) I am very satisfied.

  • bharat

any UK wildfire users, with 3 network

have u got any update for wildfire today on 31st JAN 2011. pls share here. the update should have features like 720p HD video recording, option to install apps in sd, better performance.

the update is timed to be delivered today (31st JAN 2011)

  • nebula

steve, 24 Dec 2010Hello..a have a question..plz help..How I can Load Languages int... moreI just posted similar question - did you find an answer to yours?

  • nebula

Hi, I am looking at this phone as an upgrade - can anyone tell me if there is Russian as text input language?

  • dr vijay

hi, i've been using wildfire for nearly three months, its satisfying, most important, the updates are initiated by themselves provided u've gprs on.. the only drawbacks are short battery life esp if using gprs and no live wall papers, also the processor is a bit slow. streaming takes some time. touch sense excellent. You tube lovers may find it not satisfying for its slow streaming and no simultaneous download.

  • Abhishek

I am planning to buy an HTC wildfire.Could anyone tell me if i would able to install any document viewer for powerpoint,adobe etc???

  • Brock

No secondary camera with 3G.....thats not done.

  • Faisal CH

Hello.... can anyone help me??? in windows phones there is resco explorer to encript files.. Is there any such encripting application for wildfire??? i need data security for some image files

  • vinay

Hi! , Wildfire is a G8 phone , recently i receved an
upgrade to 2.2 , since then it is behaving in a strange manner ,G-rotation ,not working as usual ,
sound cracking , camara turned 90deg. to set rotation.

is it a regular problem which has some settings after
up grade ? what do i do to restor proper functioning