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  • Sarah

Every HTC wildfire users,
I am facing a problem here. I downloaded games from Android Market few days ago. But, I can't delete it now. Can anyone of you teach me how to remove the games??
thanks if you guys can help..

  • $h!vu

Compair to lg p500 its not good its qvga disply n proce speed 528mhz

  • Anonymous

just brought it today and i am not good with technology any way i was wondering how to u take pictures

  • Akki

the Pone is bloody awesome.. the screen is too good enough.. nothing to be skeptic about...

only question to all is how to fix Friend stream crash.. seem to be the only issue .. cant get to fix this can anyone help me with this.. ??

  • Anonymous

Its really a good phone.... Very good performance....

  • Anonymous

shah, 08 Dec 2010If u look carefully on the front of the HTC wildfire u can see a... morelol. its not a camera

  • Mohammad

brilliant phone. just two questions:

how can i install arabic and urdu fonts. i only see boxes in my email, msges or facebook. please let me know from where i can download the fonts.

2) why the battery drains out too early if the internet is running in the background. how to improve the battery performance. i just dont want to loose this phone

  • Jack123

ermm...I want to ask if i set a mp4 format video(240x320).Then i put into this device can i watch in full screen?
quick reply me...urgent!

  • shah

If u look carefully on the front of the HTC wildfire u can see a front camera with a flash light...need to check this where there is more light....but i wonder why HTC has done this?? Though there is no option to make this work....can anyone find the same n let me kno...

  • shah

I got a whole line of dead pixel on my HTC Wildfire LCD after using it for almost 4 months..... :(.
few more other ppl had the same problem....

  • Pintu

HTC Wildfire is getting Android 2.3 update very soon. People have started porting it on wildfire.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Dec 2010download app handcent sms and you'll get pop up notificationhow can we download it?

  • DD

Mamun, 01 Dec 2010Hey guys I'm just gonna to buy htc wildfire but specification of... moreHi, ive had a vivaz.. it wasnt a pleasnat experience. I expected alot from the hd and camera and was let down. The pen to use is a pain but without it the screen is tempramental. Ive now got a samsung wave which i love but looking at a wilfire as a cheaper contract alternative. Maybe this was just a faulty vivaz but it deffinetly didnt live up to expectations..

  • Rog

just got my new phone and love it to bits the best phone

  • tark

[deleted post]the same qu

  • Mehedi

Plz anyone help me to know about its battery life.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Dec 2010if u do not want the messages to appear on the notification bar ... moredownload app handcent sms and you'll get pop up notification

  • Anonymous

if u do not want the messages to appear on the notification bar on the top side of the phone,i disable notifications, but on doing this i do not get to know if i got a msg unless i keep on idea how can i still have a message alert?

  • Chris

shivi, 05 Dec 2010can someone tell me whether to go for sony ericsson x10 mini pro... morewildfire :D

  • Tiger

rock, 07 Dec 2010can this phone OS be upgrade to 2.2 and 2.3??please help meRead my posts a few posts down. The HTC staff have said that the idea whether this phone should be updated or not is still in discussion. So we have to wait till the end of the year or maybe even the beginning of the next year. Do check the official HTC website for more up-to-date info.