HTC Wildfire

HTC Wildfire

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  • nii

is it possible to upgrade from android 2.1 to 2.2

  • Anonymous

This fone is awsome..
Except for the screen which is not a big issue .

  • Wildfire

Bhuvan, 01 Sep 2010U can get the white colour HTC Wildfire from poorvika mobiles,Ch... moreRu sure they have white color???
do they hav outlets in coimbatore???

  • Yueh

Just got this phone and it's ok, and GSMARENA's right, screen resolution is not that good, but the I'll survive it. My queston is, Is there any application i can download where I can set a private password or lock my Messages, Pictures/Images etc so others won't be able to access it?

  • Badshah

KK, 23 Aug 2010Right now phone is out of stock ciz of there some markiting &... moreKK - pls suggest retail shop in mumbai, desperate to buy

  • Md. Anisur Rahman

Hey guys...i m looking for a mobile for my office use...i must need a office suite there any default office suite (full version i.e. editable) installed in the phone....if yes then i gonna buy this....otherwise i go for HTC Touch2

  • Anonymous

Hi i think HTC Aria is better than HTC wildfire. HTC wildfire has LED flash, but Aria doesnt. Aria got great resolution and it does Android well. I dont think we can compromise resolution. If price is around same range, i think Aria is better, what do you think?

  • Mayur M

hi ppl...
this is an amazin phone...
i just wanted to kno any updates about when the 2.2 froyo for this model in india will be available...
once we get the 2.2 this phone will be complete...

  • libin

good phone thh disadvantage is charge every day

  • LT


can this phone use GPS without internet? can he conect directly to satelite system?

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]if u want your phone a diffrent colour then go on sctmobile,com and u send or go in and give the phone to them, u tell them what colour u want it and they will do it for you

  • Bhuvan

[deleted post]U can get the white colour HTC Wildfire from poorvika mobiles,Chennai. I am from allepey n didn't find anyone from trivandrum itself.. Better get it from chennai.

  • endroid

pretty much set-up to buy a droid and im lookin at the wildfire or any 5mpixel android around the price range... does the wildfire support fm radio recording?

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]M not getting wildfire in any color here in Mumbai... :(

  • FIFI

Anonymous, 30 Aug 2010actually the camera is not that bad when u transfer it to PC. Th... moredo u recommend me to buy this phone?I'm looking for play game,facebook n nice photo captured's good?

  • Irene

Excellent phone! The only disadvantage is the battery. you have to charge every day!

  • vishal

Good ph but go for motorola backflip

  • neer

vanillaladiee, 30 Aug 2010for those who are using the wildfire, does it have t9 for easier... moreyes it has T9

  • wildfire user

vanillaladiee, 30 Aug 2010for those who are using the wildfire, does it have t9 for easier... moreyes there is 3 different kind of typing method that you can change in the wildfire setting

  • Frans

rajesh, 22 Aug 2010Do we have option of ms office ,can we work on excel can we ins... moreYep, we do have document viewer only after donloading it from android marketing...